New fan art imagines what the end of Zach Snyder’s Justice League narrative would have looked like, and the filmmaker of this film confirms by saying that it’s “Scary Close.”

The Justice League movie fan art visualizes a “Scary Close” end of what would have Zach Snyder’s trilogy. With more and more information pouring out two years after the Warner Bros. and the DC movie hit theatres, calls for the Snyder cut thrive. As the fans demand the roll-out of the said version of the film, others imagine how the filmmaker’s original plan was going to pan out, with the latest fan-art getting a lot of accuracies.



By now, almost every fan of the movie has an idea about the Release of the Snyder Cut movements. While the character Snyder got the directing credit for Justice League, it was Joss Whedon who had the last words in the theatrical cut. This thing did not go unnoticed when the movie hit the cinemas. Then shortly after that, the petition mentioned above of Warner bros. to roll out the main or the original cut of the film with Junkie XL’s score was then born.
Over the past two years, the details about Snyder’s narrative then started emerging online; this thing giving one fan an idea of how his overall story might have been ended in the movie.

Later on, Paula Essam on twitter found out that Snyder’s Justice League trilogy might have wrapped up based on what the fans know about it thus so far. The fan-art made it’s a way to Snyder over at Vero, and thanks go to Chris Wong-Swenson, and the filmmaker of this movie did not take long to respond, saying that Essam’s work is very Scary Close to what he had in mind for DC story’s end.