Justice League: Superman Post Resurrection Image Unveils New Zack Snyder Cut Scene

Justice League 2

A new image from Justice League surfaced a never-before-seen still featuring Superman, portrayed by Henry Cavill and Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams. It is not a shrouded fact that while Zack Snyder gets the sole credit for directing Warner Bros. and DC’s first ensemble project, it was Joss Whedon who had the last say on its theatrical cut- manning extensive reshoots which effectively eroded down Snyder’s original plan. Heroes’ arcs were grossly simplified including Man of Steel.

The never-seen-before still features with Clark Kent and Lois, presumably shortly after the superhero’s resurrection in Justice League. In the black and white image, the couple is looking out of the window more likely at the Kent family farm in Kansas. Before this, an image of Clark and Lois on the field from Justice League’s Snyder Cut was released. A short cut of the original scene was prominently used on the final trailer of the Justice League.


Justice League

It shows Clark asking Lois about the ring she was wearing. The one he was supposed to use to propose to her properly before his sacrificial death fighting Doomsday. Much to our dismay, the scene was heavily re-shot with the jarring orange filter added. Apart from the bad visuals, this latest image proves that there are more angles to Superman’s Kansas homecoming that did not make it on the big screen.

Although, it is difficult to understand what was happening in this particular scene but considering what has been revealed regarding Superman’s original arc in the film. There is a chance that this might be regarding his eventual evil turn at the end of the movie, which was going to have something to do with Lois’ supposed demise.

Justice League

This recent release can fuel people’s desire to see Justice League’s Snyder Cut. The ongoing “Release the Snyder Cut” movement continues to demand that Warner Bros’ roll out the original cut of the film with Junkie XL’s initial score. Big names such as Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot, not to mention other prominent people have all expressed their support for the cause. But the studio has chosen to remain mum about the matters.

However, at this point, it is probably for the better that they somehow acknowledge the growing campaign especially with the barrage of reveals from those who were part of the project before it was overhauled.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. is yet to confirm what is ahead for Cavill as Superman as there is no word of Man of Steel 2 or any further appearance later. Cavill was reportedly out of the DCEU but things got a bit more knotty when the Studio and the actor’s camp came out with their respective statements.

His status continues to be uncertain but that has not stopped Snyder from releasing new information and images regarding the character’s cut arc in Justice League.