Justice League Snyder Cut Teaser trailer Darkseid Revealed in an Unseen Wonder Woman Footage

Justice League Snyder Cut Teaser trailer: Darkseid Revealed in an Unseen Wonder Woman Footage.

Zack Snyder is currently working on his Justice League Snyder cut for HBO Max next year. And the first unseen footage in the form of a teaser has been shared by the director on twitter today. The director was referring to the 24-hour virtual DC fan event taking place on Aug 22.


It is very much expected that this is when the first full trailer for Justice League will be released. but for now, in the latest footage, Wonder Woman is seen with a fierce torch examining some ancient markings. And the voice of Lex Luthor can be heard speaking.

The superman’s nemesis, who had only cameoed in the end credit scenes of Joss Whedon’s cut of Justice League talks as Wonder Woman discovers an image of Darkseid.

Lex Luthor says ominously,” The bell’s already been rung and they have heard it. Not in the dark, among the stars. Ding Dong, the god is dead.”

Suddenly then we see Darkseid standing armed with his alien forces gathered behind him.

Wonder Woman

The supervillain on the other hand did not feature in the cinematic version of Justice League, with his Steppenwolf being the main DC’s very own Thanos is Darkseid has long been awaited by the fans after he did not feature in Whedon’s cut.

But now Zack Snyder is bringing the supervillain in for the fans to see his glory. When the new cut was announced last month, the filmmaker had revealed that we have only seen a fourth of what he shot.

During the production, Zack Snyder tragically had to leave directing Justice League after his daughter died by a suicide attempt.

Whedon was then brought in to finish the directing of the movie, adding more humor and some new scenes were something far better from the Snyder’s original intentions.

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