One of the famous personalities from around the world Jussie Smollett is on a mission to give children in Flint something to believe in donating money to kids programs and helping the kids in need or the organize a backpack and toy drive for Christmas.

Some of the sources close to Jussie tells us that the actor recently paid a very much surprise or unaware visit to Flint, Michigan with the youth and the environmental activist named Mary Copeny, also known as Little Miss Flint, and together they both helped surprise a school with some new backpacks and toys.



Jussie took his very good deeds one step further some sources told us that he donated ten thousand dollars to the Flint Kids Program. We all might have seen this kind of gesture from Jussie before also, he did this thing last year the man donated one twenty-five thousand dollars to various charities ahead of the holidays like Christmas, including Flint Kids and the Black Aids Institute.

The parents at the Toy Drive tell some source that Jussie appeared to be in very great spirits, and the man-made the kids like their Christmas is complete and made them so much happiness during the occasion. Jussie’s demeanor is very worth noting, considering that he is now construing the City of Chicago for malicious prosecution in regards to the infamous “Attack”.

The kids that were presented with the gifts, were very happy not only them their parents too were happy for them and the reason for the happiness was Jussie. He did a very great job and he always did that’s why we love him so much for his kindness and love for others.
Let’s hope the best for Jussie and Merry Christmas to all.