Jury Selection Continues on Monday in Trial For 3 Men Accused of Killing Ahmaud Arbery


It’s been a lengthy process, with 55 possible jurors qualifying in the final two weeks for a pool of 64. This pool would be used to choose the final 12 jurors and four substitutes to appeal the decision against the three men accused of murdering Arbery.

Randy Reep, a Jacksonville attorney who is not involved in the case, says that the pool will be utilised to choose a final jury.


“When we claim we’re picking jurors, we’re really deselecting individuals we don’t want on the jury,” Reep explained. “You make your way around the room to the 4 parties. Is this juror a good fit? Yes. But juror number two of the 64, that juror is out.”

Peremptory challenges allow for the exclusion of potential jurors. We take a look at some of the possible jurors who have qualified thus far.

Juror 209 claims to have gone to high school with Arbery and feels that the legal system is biased towards persons of colour.

“Based on those circumstances, there is no way the jury is going to be on a defense attorney’s panel,” Reep added. “The prosecution would love to have the juror for obvious reasons, but there’s nothing you can do to overcome peremptory challenges.”

He stated that arguments can be made during the peremptory phase, such as the Batson challenge, in which persons are dismissed from the jury purely on the basis of their race, which Reep claims is unlawful.

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Reep reacted to Travis McMichael’s attorney, who explained what they will aim to express in the courtroom throughout the trial.

“It’s a narrative about the McMichaels attempting to keep Mr. Arbery from approaching them while they’re just watching and making notes,” said Travis McMichael’s attorney, Jason Sheffield.

Reep’s reaction was as follows-

“The defendants are the only ones who can explain why they were afraid for themselves,” Reep stated. “As a result, I believe it is being telegraphed that the defendants will testify, which is rare but extremely plausible.”

The tenth day of jury selection began at 8:30 a.m. Despite the fact that it is election day, Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley has announced that the court would meet for the entire day on Tuesday. Brunswick has a mayoral election and a municipal council election on the ballot.

The court will also convene on Veterans Day, November 11th.

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