The famous Robert Glenn ‘Junior’ Johnson who was one of the NASCAR’s first superstars has recently died, the racing organization announced this Friday. The legend was eighty-eight years old when he passed away and also took his last breath.

The legend Johnson won the Daytona 500 back in the year 1960 and the legend had fifty career wins and he also had 148 top-10 finishes. The legend was named one of the NASCAR’s fifty greatest drivers in 1998.
The chairman and the CEO of NASCAR gave a statement on his death saying that in his early days he was a moonshine through the end of his life, he wholly embodied the NASCAR spirit. This were the words said by the chairman and the CEO named Jim France.


Johnson was a very good driver and the whole world saw him drive when he was at his young age. He was an inaugural NASCAR Hall of Famer, he was a nod to an extraordinary career as both a driver and also a team owner as well.

He was a very good person as well, he was very much kind-hearted to his family and others too. The whole twitter is mourning by his death. The fans are very much sad about the loss of the legend who will never come back, but his work will always remain with us and their hearts.

The entire NASCAR is very much saddened by this loss of a very true giant of their sport, and the whole NASCAR team offer their deepest condolences to Junior’s family and his friends during this very much difficult time.

The ‘Wilkes County Wildman’ retired from the sport back in the year 1966 and he was the most successful driver to never win a championship. The world has lost a legend but we will always remember him through his work.
Rest In peace.