Julie and The Phantoms Release Date, Cast, New Music Video, Cast and Other Detail

Julie And The Phantoms Release Date, Cast, New Music Video, Cast and Other Detail

Julie and The Phantoms are the English titles of “Julie e Os Fantasmas”, it is one of the Brazilian TV series which is directed by Rick Bonadio. It is a drama, adventure, Musical, and Romanticism series for children which is produced by Rede Bandeirantes in partnership with mixer and co-producer Nickelodeon Brazil.

The opening theme of this series was “Julie” by Luciana Andrade. The country of origin is Brazil and its original language is Portuguese.  They have released a single season with 26 episodes and each episode runs up to 24 minutes.  The production companies of this series are Band and Nickelodeon Brazil.


Julie and The Phantoms Release Date


Julie and the Phantom’s first season was premiered in Band company(s) on 17th October 2011 and ended on 4th May 2012, for Nickelodeon company(s) it was released on 20th October 2011 to 29th April 2012. On Tuesday they have released a new song named “Edge of Great”. This song was made separately from home to make to give the taste of what you expect.  This series first season dropped Thursday, September 10th on Netflix.

Cast Of The Show

Main characters of this show was Mariana Lessa as Juliana “Julie”,  Bruno Sigrist as Daniel, Fabio Rabello as Felix, Marcelo Ferrari as Martim, Samya Pascotto as Beatriz “Bia”, Milena Martines as “Thalita”, Vinicius Mazzola as Pedro “Pedrinho”, Elison Volquez as Elison.

Many recurring characters are also there in this series they are, Will Prado as Raul, Edu Guimaraes as Demetrius, Pedro Inoue as Valtinho, Jessica Nakamura as Shizuko, Netuno Trindade as Patrick, Carlos Morelli as Klaus, Bruno Gissoni as Caco and some guest stars are also included.

Plot Of Julie And The Phantoms

This show tells us the story of Julie who is a 15 years old girl and the three ghosts named Daniel, Felix, and Martin. Julie became friendly with the ghosts because she frees the Musical ghosts who were confined in a Vinyl record.

Then Julie’s life has totally changed and she started performing band with the ghosts in her city.  The Ghosts are very friendly with her and help in her daily problems also.  They also helped particularly in the Passion for music and for her love for Nicolas.


 This is such an interesting story to watch and fans are also waiting for the upcoming update.  Let us watch this song and make a wait for the latest updates.

I hope fans are satisfied with this information and stay tuned for more updates.