JUICE WRLD DEAD AT THE AGE OF 21 know about this


There is a footage of what had actually happened with his death and also how it happened.

Footage of what appears to be Juice Wrld’s final moments in the air and finally on the ground is starting to surface, and the young rapper seemed to be in a good spirits and position before his death.

DJ Akademiks he shared some videos captured by some guys who were on a private jet with the rapper as the rapper was airborne from Los Angeles to Chicago late Saturday night or which is early Sunday morning.

The DJ shared the video in twitter before the rapper and what was the rapper doing in his private jet that night when he was travelling from LA to Chicago.

In the first video which he shared we can see that Juice is clowning around with his friends one of whom the rapper throws water on as the guy is fast asleep.

The guy was not mad about it at all, they were all in a good fun mood.

There was a second video appears to show the crew landing at Chicago’s midway airport, which would make Juice’s actual last moment of being there and on this Earth.

In the clip you can see that he is hanging out with his friends one of his buds in the back apparently fully conscious amnd very much alert as they look at something together, which is possibly a phone.

Soon, afterwards he would suffer a seizure and he later on die at the hospital.

One of the famous song that the singer has sung is that “Too Soon” was also called “Legends” and it has a pretty prophetic lyric.

As we have been said the track was about to Lil Peep and XXXtentacion’s deaths.

In the songs the singer raps about them and it sound beautiful.


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