Josh Brolin Speaks to Return in Deadpool 3 As Cable


The new part of the famous Deadpool is in development. We do not know when it will see the light of the day, but the new part is in production and it is very much confirmed. Naturally, that leads to the casting speculation, and also Marvel has not announced the official announcement of The casting yet.

We have news that Josh Brolin, who starred as Cable in the previous part of Deadpool, is in the talks to return in the third part of the movie. Nothing is set in the stone at the moment, and there is no Deadpool 3 destiny written in an ancient scroll that we or any one of the fans are aware of.

But the main thing is that it is in the works and that he is expected to be back in the third part of the movie. And given that this information comes to us from the very same sources who also informed us that the film was in development months before Ryan Reynolds had announced it.

Some of the fans would be very excited to see Brolin return in the new part of the movie. Brolin is an excellent actor with a great screen presence, and his casting in the previous film augmented its wise-cracking formula just enough to keep the things fresh. That and also the Logan Jokes.

Actually, it may, just have been from the movie Logan jokes. Brolin is a fine actor anyway though.

The fans of him would love to see him coming back in the third part of the movie. Last part also he did a very great job and he was very much appreciated by the viewers.

This time we hope that he is back. On the other hand, we are also hoping that the production of the third part of the movie also ends fast so that the fans of Deadpool will have a quick release date.

They do not have to wait for much longer. But Marvel still did not reveal the official cast yet, although the production has started then we are hoping that the cast will also be revealed.


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