Joker Director Todd Phillips Could Revamp DC Villains That Joker 2 Should introduce

The enormous success of Joker could allow director Todd Philips to revamp notorious DC villains to share the spotlight in Joker 2. The possibility of Joker 2 has been buzzing amongst DC fans. 

Todd Philips who directed the highly successful R-Rated DC film is the most likely candidate to direct and produce a Joker sequel. Such a project would allow Philips to revamp some of the other colorful Batman Villains. Part of Joker’s appeal is the gritty, honest and mature take on the iconic clown criminal mastermind. This rooted multiple possibilities that he could similarly reimagine other classic characters from the DC universe is an exciting prospect.

With Todd Philips has spoken that sequel does not have any green light yet and mixed reports regarding a DC villain origin stories series in the works, people are speculating about what a possible sequel would look like. Multiple theories are predicting what antics the Joker will get up to in his next on-screen appearance. Fans of Philips’ work are also questioning if the director will revamp other infamous DC villains.

DC Universe has seen massive overhaul these couple of years, rebooting likes of Suicide Squad, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Some were quite successful while others, not so much. DC comic villains have a real factor that makes the audience sympathize with them yet marvel at their brilliance through which they conduct their crimes. Many villains had a similar hard life as Arthur Fleck making them embrace the madness and turn it into a comic worthy story.

Philips has already excelled in depicting the hardships of life in Joker which also makes him the most suitable candidate for this purpose.

Some villains Philips can revamp include the following:



The white knight of Gotham turned into one of the most recognizable DC villains, Two-Face would be an interesting addition to Todd Philips. Harvey Dent grew up in an abusive household and after escaping the hardships of his childhood, he envisioned to make Gotham a better place. Dent ran for and won the position of District Attorney. His fight against corruption took a personal turn when one of the criminals he was prosecuting attacked him with acid on his face. This pushed him over the edge and sparked his descent into madness, turning him into the coin-flipping villain audience knows today.

The notable portrayal of Two-Face has been in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ as compared to the other productions. The special effects used in the film were quite realistic and intense yet there was something quite histrionic about Nolan’s treatment of the character.

In a joker sequel, Two-Face could be portrayed as a much darker and grittier character making him more menacing.



A campy portrayal by Danny DeVito of the character in 1992 Batman Returns demands a better and a more serious reboot of The Penguin.

Penguin’s back story is a reflection of dangerous bullying can be. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot aka Penguin was severely bullied as a child. He has a short stature and hooked nose, making him look like a strange bird. Not only did the children at school make fun of him, but his own family except his mother despised him.

His bullies had a nickname ‘Penguin’ for him, which he later adopted as an adult, using it to fund multiple criminal organizations using his family fortune.

This character has the potential to terrifying if Philips does revamp it. Penguin could very well follow Joker on the same track. Todd Philips could depict Penguin as a horrifying product of his childhood mistreatment rather than an overdramatic criminal entrepreneur.



The most familiar DC villainess, if done properly can add a fun flair to Todd Philips’s next movie. A Gotham botanist who was almost killed during an experiment where she was injected with poisons and toxins, Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley survived. She transformed into Poison Ivy who is immune to poison, has power-related superpowers and mind control abilities over almost anyone. She is branded as an Eco-terrorist as her crimes often involve her trying to protect the environment as she is a conservationist at heart.

If Philips adds her the sequel, the audience will glimpse the more serious side of this character as well. For a plant-loving temptress, her transformation to someone with the power to cause some serious turmoil and destruction would be an avid watch.



Edward Nashton was a bright but bullied child growing up with an undeniable fascination with puzzles. As a man, he turned to crime to escape from the mundane world, with the notoriety and infamy that came with the criminal lifestyle. Riddler does not have any superpowers like the other villains, he is one of the most normal DC villains. This makes him an easy addition to Philips’ world.

The Riddler has not appeared in many DC films although, Paul Dano has been cast to portray him in the upcoming ‘The Batman’



The most famous portrayal of Mr. Freeze is by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1997 Batman & Robin. This villain needs another reboot after this portrayal.

Victor Fries was a scientist who started working for a corrupt company to save his wife’s life. When he realized he would not be able to cure her sickness, he stole company equipment to put his wife in cryostasis. After the CEO found that Fries stole from him, he sent his men to kill him in the cryo lab. An accident occurred that resulted in transforming Fries, which required him to live in sub-zero temperatures. This leads him to build his famous suit and turn into the villain, Mr. Freeze.

There is something inherently unreal about this character very much like The Penguin, but Todd Philips might be able to change that. A newer version of Mr. Freeze will breathe life into the character that has not been witnessed in decades.

 With these characters, there are various issues of fitting them into the generally-accepted timeline and how they would fit in the story, but Philips seems to be taking liberties here anyway. All the villains have interacted with Batman on some level.

While Joker 2 won’t be theaters anytime soon, but fans of DC Universe will get to see another reboot in Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’. Scheduled to release in 2021, Robert Pattinson will be portraying Batman alongside Zoë Kravitz playing Catwoman and Paul Dano as the Riddler.

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