Joker 2: Release Date, Cast Details, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates

Joker 2 -Release Date, Cast Details, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates

After Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix entered the list of GOATs. Everyone knows that Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix hit the screens in 2019, and it became an instant hit. But, not a lot of people know that this amount of success on the box-office was a total surprise for the makers.

We saw that soon after the release of the movie, the fams took over the social media for appealing for a sequel. All this while, the makers responded negatively to that. But, now the rumors are filling in that the script for the sequel is completed and the movie is all set to release.


Joker 2 Release Date

Joker 2 Release Date, Cast Details, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates

There is no official confirmation regarding the release of the film. Neither the makers nor the actors, no one has confirmed anything about the sequel.

Due to the sudden outbreak of the pandemic, the scenario changed, and the production was put on hold. But, still, there is hope. If the work goes as planned, then we may be getting a premiere by October 2021.

The Cast Members Of Joker 2

The stellar performance of the Joker was only possible because of Joaquin Phoenix. So, he will do his part. The rest of the cast might not change as of now, but we have no information about it right now. The known cast members for now are:

●Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Streak

●Investigator Burke as Costs Camp

●Sophie Dumond as Frances Conroy

●Gary as Josh Pais

●Detective Garrity as Glenn Fleshler

●GiGi Dumond as Marc Maron

●Hoyt Vaughn as Rocco Luna

●GUfland as Sondra James

What Is The Plotline For Joker 2?

The plotline of the second film may start from where the last movie was left. It is expected to begin from Arkham State Hospital and then move forward. For all those who saw the first film, they saw the chaos that Joker was creating in the Gotham city. So, we can expect this chaos to grow more intense in the coming sequel.

When Will The Trailer Release?

For now, there is no information regarding the trailer. But, as the makers have not announced the production, we cannot expect anything about the trailer. So, once the making of the movie we will tell, we can also expect the trailer.
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