Joker 2 Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips’ Planning For the Sequel?


The first part of Joker is a great success. And perhaps not to say that it gives Joaquin an Academy Award. So a sequel to this movie is a must to happen. Thus, it has been committed too.

After all, it is the highest-earning R-rated movie in the former times. Moreover, Todd Phillips will be directing the movie. And he shall also be writing the script with Scott Silver.

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The release of part 2 hasn’t been declared as of now. But it is anticipated to be releasing near October 2021. Well, fans can say goodbye to that releasing schedule.

Since the shooting has already been delayed by around 2 and a half months due to COVID-19. We will let you know the release date of the movie as soon as it is disclosed. So, stay tuned.

What will take place in the Sequel of Joker 2?

In the beginning, Todd desires to picture Arthur as a villain. Though, the public likes the idea of a mentally ill-treat kid better. So at this time, Arthur might be playing his character as a villain. And thus, the viewers will see the knocking down of the Gotham city. 

However, we did have a secret highlight of the future character that the Joker is going to play. In the post-put down scene, fans can see the bloody footsteps in the Mental Hospital where Arthur is put in. He is on an assassination splurge there.

We also got to see an angle of Bruce and Arthur being stepbrother, in the movie Joker. If that is disclosed to be true in part 2, then it would be comic to have a look at.

Moreover, there’s also a possibility of Batman playing a cameo role in the next upcoming movie.

Bruce’s parents are murdered in the preceding movie that might just be the beginning of Batman in that franchise. 

There is a probability that viewers may get to see Batman in action in the following sequel. He must be seen taking revenge for the death of his parents.

Though, that is just a guess. However, the upcoming Batman franchise and the Joker franchise are definite to amalgamate in the coming future.