Joker 2 is not happening just yet according to director


Director Todd Phillips clears the doubts about the next possible sequel. The movie was considered as a standalone. But after Joker’s cinematic release, both Phillips and Phoenix argued that they are willing for a sequel.

Discussion about this topic accelerated when Joker announced its box office record books. It managed to earn a gross amount of $1 billion worldwide, thus making it the most profitable comic book movie. Thus taking into consideration the success of the movie, it won’t be surprising if the sequel of the movie is announced. Yesterday, when the notion of the Joker 2 was raised, it was informed that Phillips was directing and co-writing the script.


Later, it was rumoured that Warner Bros. hadn’t even started negotiations with the Joker creative team. However, Phillips disclosed that he hadn’t been tapped for Joker 2 right now.

Joker’s enormous box office success is more extraordinary. It managed to be a hit of the season. Releasing in the start of October, the movie broke multiple records in its first weekend. Based on one of the most iconic characters in pop culture, Joker continued to draw the attention of many.

It seemed absurd that Warner Bros. was initially distressed about Joker’s box office viability. They even went to the extent of splitting production costs with co-financiers. They deliberately limited Joker’s budget for discouraging Director Todd Phillips from creating the film. Miraculously, Phillips and Phoenix worked well, and the result turned out to be one of the most amazing box offices runs in history.