Joe Bell Review: A Real-Life Story That Will Make You Emotional

Based on the true events, Joe Bell is here to make you a little more emotional.

Joe Bell

As for today’s people, it is always non-fiction over fiction because the truth always holds the special power to attract anyone. There is a thing in me too if any show or movie is based on true events, I automatically insist to watch it. Thrilling and exciting to watch these kinds of stories are eventually getting in many people. Joe Bell is a similar non-fiction story that has been leveling up day by day now. 

The drama show that was scheduled to be released in 2002 hasn’t got any release date in the previous years. The officials explained this situation by labeling it as a need for a global pandemic. With the covid-19 outbreak in the country, people understand that the prime thing in today’s world is to save yourself and other people around. The global pandemic was a hindrance to the release of the movie. 


However, now everything is getting back to normal and we all feel that many movies and shows are getting their name on the screen. Joe Bell has also released the movie theatre for the audience.  

The movie, Joe Bell has been up in the Theatre and while I understand that it is not possible for everyone to head outside the cinema and watch the latest movie, that’s why we are here. In this article, we’ll be sharing everything related to the movie so that you don’t feel left out. Keep scrolling the article to know everything about Joe Bell in detail. 

Joe Bell: A biographical Movie For you

Joe Bell movie

Joe Bell is an American Biographical movie that represents the emotional story of a father and son duo. The movie, which was originally planned to release in 2020 got rescheduled to 2021. 

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, whom you would know from his work in the famous movie Monster and Men. Soon after the release of this drama movie, the audience started to provide the plot and overall cast of the movie. 

The show follows  Jadin Bell, a teenage boy who has been hiding his identity for a long time and always gets unsecured for his gender and sexuality. One day Jadin decided to confront his father Joe bell and directs him about his identity. The movie is based on True events and there is, in reality, a similar story that follows the father and son duo. 

Fans have been always wondering about the real-life incidents behind the case and this news movie has revealed everything that one can imagine. 

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Joe Bell Cast And Plot: Let’s Discuss it!

Joe Bell movie latest updates

The movie follows a bunch of characters but the main attraction of the movie is Joe Bell and Jaden Bell. the father and son duo who have been loving each other for a long time. Both of them understand each other in their ups and downs but you know! Sometimes we get so much into our own radius that we can’t understand the perseverance of others. 

The upcoming movie, Joe bell has everything that one needs to know. It shows how the students and kids of the school deal with their friends and mates. Jadin Bell, who came out as gay and decided to be open about him feels a lot of pressure from his surrounding. 

Moreover, the thing that was hard for me was when he visited the Psychiatrist and she insisted that it was a phase. Unfortunately, this is the current situation of the world. People, who really believe in their identity and want to open up, heard these types of crappy things. Jaden broke up several times in the show and oh my lord! I can’t see him crying again and again. 

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Cast And Character

Joe Bell movie review

The movie follows a bunch of characters that we’ll discuss in the next section. Readout briefly and know everything about the cast of the latest movie, Joe Bell.

  • Mark Wahlberg, the father figure of the movie has been cast as Joe Bell.
  • Reid Miller is playing the role of Jadin Bell, the son of Joe bell who belongs to the LGBTQ+ community and is disgraced and bullied by his surrounding
  • John Murray will be seen as Lost Boy
  • Connie Britton will follow the character of Lola Bell
  • Maxwell Jenkins is playing the role of Joseph Bell
  • Gary Sinise as Sheriff Westin
  • Blaine Maye will be presented as Boyd Banks
  • Ash Santos is playing the role of Kim
  • Igby Rigney as Chance
  • Morgan Lily will be seen as Marcie
  • Scout Smith as Colleen
  • Cassie Beck is playing the role of Mrs. Swift
  • Charles Halford will follow the character Will in the movie
  • Tara Buck as Mary Ivy

Joe Bell: Is it Available on Netflix?

Joe Bell updates

The real-life incident movie has been a hot topic among people. While everyone is feeling their eyes wet, some of you must get the desire to watch it. If you want to Joe Bell then there is only a way i.e. Theatre. 

The movie is not available on any OTT platform and neither on Netflix nor on Amazon Prime Video. In order to watch the movie, you need to visit your nearby theatre as soon as possible. There is no official news regarding the release of the movie on the OTT platform. We don’t know how much time the movie will take to share its stock to any OTT platform. If it does, we’ll update you through our article. 

Other than that, there are a bunch of shows that will help you to spend your night happily. Netflix is filled with amazing shows and if you are looking for recommendations then Sex education, Riverdale, The Last kingdom, Money Heist are a must check.

Is there any Official trailer for this movie?

Get ready to make yourself a little low because the official trailer has been up on Youtube. With the title by the Academy Award-winning writing team behind BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and the director, who have amazingly created the movie. After watching the official trailer of the movie, I went speechless. 

The trailer has everything that one can dream of and of course, how can I forget the urge of watching the movie itself. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet then here it is. We promise to keep you updated from every viewer of the page and there is no chance that you can miss the Official Trailer. Comment down your reaction to the movie’s trailer in the comment box. We’ll love to hear from you. 

What are the ratings of the show?

The movie has been criticized by the critics but the audience have loved the movie. Soon after the release of the movie, the critics claimed that it is more depressing but on the other hand many critics claimed that the movie is inspiring. 

The different in the range of their own thoughts can’t be change by us or you. But what I believe that the movie has just spoken about the incident and made the viewers learned about what happens in the society. Based on the true events, one can clearly see that all these things have happened in rael. Students need to understand that their behaviour isn’t just for being cool and fun. Sometime a person is hurting from inside but we never knew. It’s okay to be kind and friendly around the people because that’s what they remember. 

I believe that the movie is a big motivation for the viewers and it tells how one needs to handle the situation. IMDb rating of Joe Bell is 5.6/10. The rotten tomatoes have rated the show with 38% of the ratings and Metacritic has rated the show with 54% of ratings

On the other hand, the audience rating summary of this movie says something else. Where the critics have rated with average ratings, the audience loved the movie and rated it with 4.2 stars.