Jerry Rice, Tom Brady and Lawrence Taylor top our list of the 100 greatest NFL players


Together with that the NFL’s 100th season bash, 19 present, and coworkers across the USA TODAY Sports Network have been asked to compile a list ranking the 100 players in football history.

The challenge was daunting, Considering each individual had to evaluate talent back. The procedure for making decisions concentrated on the subject of drama and believed elements like induction while there were not any parameters.


Each voter has been asked to rank 60 players. Those votes generated a listing of 170 titles. There has been A points system used for its positions starting with 60 points to the player on a listing down to 1. By utilizing the single vote that a participant 12, ties were broken.

Our board: Jarrett Bell Detroit Free Press; Christine Brennan, USA TODAY; Mark Curnutte, Cincinnati Enquirer; Nate Davis, USA TODAY; Pete Dougherty Green Bay Press-Gazette; Gregg Doyel, Indianapolis Star; Gentry Estes, Nashville Tennessean; Doug Farrar, Touchdown Wire; Martin Frank, Wilmington (Del.) News Journal; Mike Jones, USA TODAY; Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz, USA TODAY; Joe Rexrode, previously Nashville Tennessean; Steven Ruiz, For Your Grow; Kent Somers, Arizona Republic; Rachel Shuster, former USA TODAY; Art Stapleton, Bergen (N.J. Record); Andy Vasquez, Bergen (N.J.) Record; Larry Weisman, former USA TODAY.

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Having said that, here are the 100 player that is top in NFL history:

1: Jerry Rice

Position: WR

Years: 1985-2004

Teams: San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks

Achievements: Inducted Into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (2010); 3-time Super Bowl champ; Super Bowl MVP; NFL MVP; 13 Pro Bowls Touchdowns (208); Leads the NFL in receiving yards (22,895); Just player Leads the NFL in total receptions (1,549); Leads the NFL in all-purpose yards (23,546); Leads the NFL in TD receptions (197); leads the NFL in sequential matches With at least one reception (274); holds 36 complete NFL records

2: Tom Brady

Position: QB

Years: 2000-Present

Team: New England Patriots

Achievements: 6-time Super Bowl champ Super Bowl MVP; 3-time NFL MVP; 3-time First-team All-Pro (2007, 2010, 2017); 2-time Second-team All-Pro (2005, 2016); 2-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year (2007, 2010); NFL Comeback Player of the Year (2009); Holds NFL record for most Super Bowl Wins as a participant (6); Holds multiple Super Bowl records such as most TD passes (18), most passing yards (2,838), many finished passes (256), Most passing attempts (392) and many consecutive contests in a Single SB (16); Holds NFL record for most matches won by a QB (207); just QB to have 3 consecutive console w/ 300+ passing yards, 3+ TD passes, and 0 Interceptions; searching for many Pro Bowl selections (14); Holds NFL album For many postseason games played (40); Holds NFL record for many Postseason TD passes (73); Oldest QB to win a Super Bowl (41 decades, 6 months)

3: Lawrence Taylor 

Position: LB

Years: 1981-1993

Team: New York Giants

Achievements: Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1999); 2-time Super Bowl champ; 10-time Pro Bowl; 9-time first-team All-Pro (1981-1989); second-team All-Pro (1990); NFL MVP (1986); 3-time NFL Defensive Player Of the Year (1981, 1982, 1986); NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year (1981)

4: Jim Brown

Position: RB

Years: 1957-1965

Team: Cleveland Browns

Achievements: Inducted To the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1971); 1964 NFL Champ; 4-time NFL MVP (1957,1958, 1963, 1965); 8-time first-team All-Pro (1957-1961, 1963-1965); All-Pro 2nd-team (1962); 9 Pro Bowls appearances; NFL Rookie Of the Year (1957); 1st player to achieve 100 rushing touchdowns; 1st NFL player to rush for over 10,000 yards; 10th many touchdowns in NFL Background (126); 5th most rushing TDs in NFL history (106); Leads the NFL In average rushing yards per game in livelihood (104.3)

5: Walter Payton

Position: RB

Years: 1975-1987

Team: Chicago Bears

Achievements: Inducted To the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1993); Super Bowl champ; 7-time first-team All-Pro (1976-1980, 1984, 1985); second-team All-Pro (1986); NFL MVP (1977); NFL Offensive Player of the Year (1977); moment top Rusher in NFL history (16,726); 4th most rushing TDs at NFL history (110)