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Jed Johnson: I am Jed Johnson: (designer)Jed Johnson was born on December 30, 1948, in the city of Alexandria, Minnesota, in the United States of America. The films Heat (1972), Women in Revolt (1971), and Bad were some of his credits as both an editor and a cinematographer (1977). On July 17, 1996, he passed away in East Moriches, New York, United States.

Early in Life

When Johnson and his twin brother, Jay, were born in Alexandria, MN, on December 30, 1948, they moved to Alexandria. In Arizona and California, the family moved in search of work. They were two of six children. [4]


Warhol’s years:
During the year 1967, Johnson and his brother Jay moved from California to New York City.
It was through heroin addicts that they found a place to live in the East Village of Manhattan. They were mugged and lost their last $200.
It took Johnson a couple of weeks to send a telegram to the Decker Building, which was being renovated by Paul Morrissey before it became the new home of Andy Warhol’s Factory.
[6] Johnson took a job on the spot to sweep the floors. He quickly moved on to editing several films, including L’Amour (1973), Andy Warhol’s Dracula (1974), and Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad (1977).

In this case, Johnson chose a townhouse for Warhol on East 66th Street and made the insides look great.

Jed Johnson Net Worth

 Warhol Lived There for Many Years

Andy Warhol’s Art Authentication Board was set up in the year before he died. Johnson was later on a member of the board.


Johnson also designed the offices of Interview magazine, as well as many other projects. Then he met Sandra and Peter Brant through his work with them. He worked with them on eleven different projects. As he continued to grow his business and personal life, he began to work with the architect Alan Wanzenberg. He also worked with clients like Mick Jagger and Richard Gere.

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For his work on interior design, he was named to the Interior Design Magazine Hall of Fame in 1996.


This is the reconstructed wreckage of TWA Flight 800, which was the plane where Johnson was killed.
On July 17, 1996, Johnson was a passenger on TWA Flight 800, which took off from New York. He and 229 other people were killed when the plane exploded off the coast of Long Island, New York. [11] 47 years old:

Jed Johnson Net Worth


Jay Johnson is the name of the person. It’s called Jed Johnson: Opulent Restraint with help from Paul Goldberger, Pierre Berge, Bob Colacello, Sandra Brant, and other people. There was a big party at Rizzoli on November 12, 2005,

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What Is Jed Johnson’s Background

An American film editor and film director named Jed Johnson is very well-known. The date he was born was December 30, 1948. He was born in Minnesota, United States.

It says that Jed is a good Director who was born in 1948. People in the United States think he’s very rich. When he was a child, his first name was “Jed.” His last name is “Johnson.”

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