Jason Momoa Fuels Fortnite Aquaman Skin: Rumours It Is, Know Every Single Detail Here

Jason Momoa Fuels Fortnite Aquaman Skin: Rumours It Is, Know Every Single Detail Here, Actor Jason Momoa who plays the character of Aquaman is hyping up the idea of an Aquaman skin coming to Fortnite when the third season launches on June 17.

Epic Games has recently released a teaser for the Fortnite season 3 events launching in the game tomorrow. The teaser image gives the fans some glimpse of what is to come for the flooded map, but an image of a trident that the actor Jason Momoa is also displaying on social media is getting fans excited for a potential new Aquaman skin.

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With the third season coming out to Fortnite, the game has been getting a lot of water-based treatment. Because the map of the game is underwater due to the Doomsday event that flooded the battle royale map, and the players are going to have to learn to adapt if they are going to make waves on the game’s new layout. This would be the perfect time for Epic Games to introduce for the DC superhero with control over the ocean.


When the fans saw the trident image that Epic Games had tweeted from their official Fornite account, then immediately began to theorize what it could mean for the game. Some of them believed that the trident image belonged to Aquaman and was hinting as a skin for him in the game, which would make some sense since there have also been hints of a Black manta skin as well.

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However, some fans only have the picture to support that idea, so there was not much evidence to hold up to that claim. However, another teaser has come to light that gives some weight to this theory coming from the Aquaman actor himself.

Well, we hope that the third season will be bringing a lot of new interesting content to the game that will help the players to stay afloat.

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