Jason Bourne 6: Is it Ever Happening?

The Bourne film series end up being tremendously well known in the mid-2000s with the appearance of The Bourne Identity, in view of Robert Ludlum’s book of a similar name. With Matt Damon featuring as its nominal hero, the establishment presented another variety of super-spy, and watchers couldn’t get enough.

The Bourne Identity and its ensuing spin-offs immediately turned into another benchmark for activity films because of their amazing dedication to functional tricks and impacts (that pencil second in Identity is still recoil actuating) close by a convincing secret that had Bourne at its middle.


With The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, the series seemed like the ideal set of three. Be that as it may, Universal Pictures clearly needed to proceed with the establishment, following up Ultimatum in 2012 with The Bourne Legacy.

This time, Jeremy Renner started to lead the pack of the enterprise as Aaron Cross after Damon declined a proposal to return — however he didn’t avoid the job for a really long time, in the end returning to the job in 2016 for Jason Bourne.

That follow-up saw Bourne emerge from covering up to reveal a mystery about his dad’s part in his CIA preparing, while clearly being pursued by the organization … once more. 2016’s Jason Bourne wasn’t also got by pundits, yet the $415 million it made in the cinema world means Universal was continually going to be keen on more Bourne. All in all, does that mean we’ll, at last, get Jason Bourne 6? Possibly, however, chief Paul Greengrass will not be the one helming it.

He’s Simply Bourne Along These Lines

Maybe a superior thought would switch Bourne into a tutor job, or in any event, carry him into the crease with the CIA, since he’s not getting any more youthful. (Except if he gets reBourne?) Anyway, for some time, it seemed like the fate of the establishment could lie with USA’s Treadstone series.

It followed the production of Operation Treadstone and individual specialists after they’ve been initiated into savage killers like Bourne himself. Tragically, the show was dropped after only one season in 2019, stopping any likely set-up for Jason Bourne 6.

In the time after Bourne last graced the big screen, high-energy, stunt-orientated blockbusters like Keanu Reeves’ John Wick series have gotten the new norm. So if Jason Bourne 6 does ultimately get the green light, it would have to discover better approaches for connecting with the crowd.

Maker Frank Marshall, who’s chipped away at each film in the establishment, disclosed to Collider in 2020 that a 6th portion gives new freedoms to welcome new movie producers with inventive aspects on what the series could do: “I do like the Bourne series, and I do think that’s an opportunity for different filmmakers to come in now. So, I’m hoping that we can find a new story for Bourne and a new filmmaker. We are looking.”

Director Paul Greengrass Cast Question on Getting Back to the Bourne Series

In a December 2020 meeting with The Playlist, Greengrass said that he has no clue about what Universal has anticipated the Bourne franchise, and cast question on whether he’d be engaged with Jason Bourne 6. Albeit, shockingly, he said he’d be keen on seeing another continuation, telling the power source that he’d be “preferred choice.”

It’s likewise certain that Greengrass appreciated working with Matt Damon and Universal when chipping away at Supremacy, Identity, and Jason Bourne, yet he feels his time helming the establishment should reach a conclusion now.

“It hasn’t come up recently, so I actually don’t know what their plans are [for Jason Bourne 6]. I’m sure they’ll make more Bourne movies, I hope so. I don’t know whether I’ll be involved, but I’ve done my stint really, haven’t I? Let’s be honest,” said Greengrass. “But I love a Bourne movie, and I love the actor, and I wish them well.”

The important inquiry regarding Jason Bourne 6 is what would be the best next step? All things considered, the previous amnesiac super-spy has his recollections back, and he’s cleansed the CIA of Blackbriar, the first Treadstone program, and every one of the shadowy figures who were controlling him.

The individual part of Bourne’s secret was the trick of the enterprise; without that, it’s inadequate whether it would merit pushing this tortured legend any further. And keeping in mind that it is attractive to consider Bourne to be a devil, after four entire movies of character improvement, it probably won’t bode well for him to change into an enemy.

Who Could Be New Life Into Jason Bourne 6?

In the event that there’s any individual who realizes how to do hot tricks that would work totally in the Bourne-iverse, it’s The Raid and Gangs of London chief Gareth Edwards, who’s a specialist at making an extraordinary, instinctive experience for the crowd. His work on The Raid and The Raid: Redemption immediately grabbed the eye of Netflix, and later, he coordinated Dan Stevens in terrible side horror Apostle.

Edwards even tossed an independent Deathstroke film to DC at one point prior to beginning work on the crime spine-chiller series Gangs of London, which demonstrated largely well known because of its strong dependence on carefully arranged battle series.

Perhaps it’s simply living in fantasy land on our part, however, Gareth Edwards and Matt Damon dealing with Jason Bourne 6 together would be an ideal match. It’s simply a disgrace that Damon once said he thinks “individuals are finished with the character.”

For the occasion, it seems like although Jason Bourne 6 could occur, crowds probably won’t see the super-spy’s return for a long while, and it’s impossible to tell who may lead the film and who may guide it. Somebody press play on Moby’s “Outrageous Ways” right now.

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