Jane Lynch has found herself facing criticism after a recent defense of billionaires

Jane Lynch has found herself confronting criticism. Before today, the former host of Hollywood Game Night tweeted that billionaires” have as much right” to encourage and maintain fundraisers to their candidates of choice.
She predicted those who believe differently”class warfare,
and labeled present presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren.
The remark comes as an immediate response to a photo of South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg, yet another democratic competition attended a fundraiser held at a place in the Napa Valley of California.
In the discussion Thursday night Warren assaulted Buttigieg within the design, which is known as the wine nest’ because Senator Bernie Sanders, a different offender, used pictures in the event as part of a fundraising email.
Given that the problem of wealth inequality is a problem concerning Republicans — and is now a fundamental dilemma of Sanders and Warren’s attempts — Lynch confronted some blowback online.
Others pointed out that Lynch’s place was reminiscent of her personality on Glee, the censorious Sue Sylvester.
We’re so quick to shield her from the pile-on that is consequent.
Lynch has a history of being outspoken on problems.
The actor recently told NBC to”get their act together” in the aftermath of Gabrielle Union’s contentious shooting out of America’s Got Talent. She now stars in the Amazon show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as Sophie Lennon.