Jana Kramer Formally Broke up with Jay Cutler! But Who Is Kramer’s New Boyfriend? Find Out!


It’s time to take it all apart. Jana Kramer stated why she opted not to divulge very much about her short affair with Jay Cutler earlier in the year 2021.

“I become afraid to want to speak about mine relationship history as I’ve been so tricked that I’m frightened to be deceived over,” Kramer, 38, admitted on Thursday, December 16 while her “Whine Down” program. “Basically, since we hung out and he’s a very famous guy, the entire Jay thing got public, but I never really spoke since I won’t realize what that was.”


Despite spending time next to each other, Kramer and Cutler, 38, revealed that they haven’t been in anymore “intimate” romances since her separation from Mike Caussin, saying, “Because I walked on a blind date with someone doesn’t imply we’re exclusive and he’s mine lover.” He never was my boyfriend,” says the narrator.

In September, the One Tree Hill alum and the presenter of the “Uncut” podcast ignited relationship rumors. Kramer, 34, had recently divorced Caussin, 34, after approximately six years of being married. They previously split up in 2016 when Us Weekly revealed Caussin had been disloyal, but they eventually reconciled.

Cutler, for one, revealed in Mid-2020 that he and Kristin Cavallari were divorcing almost seven years of being married. Cutler and Kramer were seen getting intimate on a night out in Nashville to celebrate the launch of the 12 Thirty Club rooftop bar. Just at time, an observer told Us that the pair “certainly weren’t disguising their relationship” and that they “behaved like a pair a whole night.”

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In the same month, despite allegations of conflict, Kramer stated that she had complete “respect” for the ex Chicago Bears star and Unconventional James founder, 34.

Who Is Jana Kramer’s New Boyfriend?

Now Jana Kramer is excited to show off her new lover to the rest of the world. On Tuesday, the 38-year-old country singer made her new romance public on Instagram, posting a series of love-filled photographs with her new partner Ian Schinelli.

“Perhaps all you have to do is let go of your willpower and pay any attention to your emotions. I have no real expectations, or who does? “she said in the description. “I’m still healing every day, and I know there was still a lot of work needs to be done, but gosh it feels good to discover joy along the journey.”

Kramer continued in her message, noting how important it was for her to meet someone wonderful following her divorce from spouse Mike Caussin in April.

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“To meet somebody who doesn’t see your wounds as a fault or a struggle, but instead assists you accept those and stands by your side with love, bravery, and sympathy,” she said.

Kramer also posted an Instagram Live video of Schinelli, 36, performing some latest creation and jokingly saying she had “met [her] rental spouse” as she gave him a pink screwdriver.

The Holiday Fix Up actor had been teasing her with intimate on TikTok over the last few days, posting several videos of Ian, including one in which she stood on his shoulders while he did squats.