Jamie Foxx will be honored at Palm Springs Film Festival


Jamie Foxx also is known as Eric Marlon Bishop is an American actor, comedian, singer, presenter, and also producer.

Actor Jamie Foxx will be getting the spotlight award at the Palm Film Springs Fest in the upcoming year that is in January 2020 for his extraordinary role in Just Mercy. The movie tells us the true story of a lawyer attempting to free a man who is wrongfully convicted for the murder of an 18-year old teenage girl.


Jamie Foxx

In the movie actor Jamie Foxx has given a moving and truly remarkable performance as Walter McMillan, a man who will be sentenced to death for murder, for which he was wrongly convicted. It is a brilliant movie to watch and I must say that your time will be worth it if you watch the movie.

The movie is an inspiring drama that brings an important story about how our justice system can be failed on the big screen. It is such a story that the audience cannot miss it. It will be an honor to present the award to Jamie Foxx for his iconic role in the movie. The actor seems to have put in a lot of hard work in the movie for the audience to watch because it is a true based story.

The Film Festival will be held on January 2nd to 13th. It is then the actor will be presented with the prestigious award. Now, let us all wish Jamie Foxx good luck for his upcoming movies and hope that he will entertain his fans the way he has always done before.