Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the words James bond. This iconic character was brought to us in 2006 casino royale. Daniel Craig the mastermind who portrayed the role of agent 007 has been noted for the scroll for a long time, and since then the movies under the James bond belt have been regarded as a cult classic.

Since the last appearance of Bond in 2015 their speculations have it that the fans will be getting more of these movies. The trailer of no time to die aka bond 25 is said to be released as early as the next week. There is speculation that this might be Daniel Craig’s last bond appearance.


The new bond trailer no time to die has been speculated to be released as early as next week as mentioned above. but the release of this trailer was delayed and so was the production of it. this is because the producers found it difficult to find the count of a supervillain to match bonds abilities.

Apart from this, the pressure of talking properly has resulted in a delay in production. Let’s also not forget the fact about the directors being changed from Yann Demange originally directed the film to Cary Joji Fukunaga.

Sources have said that the cast of this movie is to appear on the American television show good morning America on December 4th the next Wednesday. the movie will be premiere on the show. The production of this film has apparently and in the last month and the release date is said to be it will it 2020.

According to this information the fans of this label will catch a first glimpse of the last step in Bond’s life.one can only hope that the amount of time spent on making this phone can only increase distance anticipation and excitement of the movie and not disappoint the strong and loyal fan base as this s supposed to be Craig’s last appearance as the Infamous JAMES BOND.

The more the franchise delays the more anticipated the crowd becomes. One could say that it could be a marketing strategy for the franchise’s Part.