Jabra Elite 75t review: The leap from features good to great


Jabra’s Elite 65t was some of the best wireless earbuds offered last year that you can buy. They do not have the best sound quality, but overall, the company assembled a compelling package that cost far less than the competition. 

Now Jabra is expecting lightning to fall twice. In September, it debuted a follow-up: Elite 75T ($180). The Recent model is smaller, lasts longer, and adds a lot of useful features, but is it better than last year’s surprise superstar?



Jabra’s latest True Wireless earbuds are relatively smaller than the 2018 Elite 65t and last 2.5 hours longer.

They also provide better sound, but they do not (yet) have an active noise-canceling or wireless charging case. 

However, they are still cheaper than most of the competition and are a desirable option for the price.

The most apparent difference between the Elite 75t and the Elite 65t is the size. Even the new charging case is much smaller than the old model. 

The top and bottom are flat as well, so the matter stands on its own when you open it. As someone who tests a lot of earbuds that flop, this is a nice touch.

The LED-charging indicator is on the left side of the USB-C port. This means that when you close the case, you have to turn it around for a battery status update. It is excellent that it is there, but it would be much better if it was around the front where the case opens.

The earbuds themselves are also quite small. Jabra says they are 20 percent lower overall, but when you make a side-by-side comparison, it seems to be an even more significant change. 

The Elymike extension that points to your face on the Elite 65T is gone. Instead, Jabra opted for a small triangular elbow to house the microphone. 

The main earbud housing is also tiny, but nearly as deep. Basically, despite a low diameter, the buds themselves stick to your ears in an equal amount. Not that mic bottom expansion makes a big difference, though. You can feel it clearly when you are wearing them. In short: 75t buds are very comfortable.

The Elite is 75t IP55 rated, so you can be confident when you wear these at the gym. Jabra has also thrown in a 2-year warranty against dust and water damage (low pressure, continuous spray), so if something goes wrong that is within the limits of “regular” use, you should be covered.

There are still onboard controls with smaller earbuds, but now only one button on each side. On the left side, you hold the volume down and single press to turn it on and press HearThrough Transparency Mode to turn it on or off. 

A double press is exited when pressed three times. While you’re on the call, a single press on the left button will mute or unmute the mute. And a double press on the left will activate the ability to hear “sidetone” or better yourself during a call.

On the right, the button answers or ends the call with one press, and pressing twice will reject an incoming call. When music or other audio is playing, once pressed, it will turn on or off. 

A double press will activate your voice assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri), and to counter to the left, a journalist and hold will increase the volume. 

It takes a lot, and it takes some getting used to – especially the volume controls on opposite sides. But these are physical buttons, not touch controls, so they are more reliable than other true wireless earbuds I’ve tested. 

You have to remember where they are and how to activate them, as they are not as simple as controls on other sets, but they work well.