Is Turn Up Charlie Season 2 Officially Cancelled?

Is Turn Up Charlie Season 2 Officially Cancelled?

If you are a fan of comedy movies, web series and television series, then you must have watched the famous British comedy television series Turn Up Charlie which was produced by Idris Elba and Gary Reich.

Basically, this series is based on a star Elba who was working as a Disc Jockey and looking to build up his career in Music industy but during the series he unwillingly become the caretaker of his popular friend’s daughter.

Turn Up Charlie was directed by Tristram Shapeero and Matt Lipsey. The primary season of the Turn Up Charlie was released on March 15,2019. Primarily it was originally released on Netflix, you can watch the Turn Up Charlie Season 1 anytime on Netflix.

The storyline of Turn Up Charlie Season 2

The first season of the Turn Up Charlie consist of 8 episode of around 30 minutes. The series got an amazing fanbase as it was quite funny and entertaining to watch. This show is best for someone who looking to binge-watch a comedy series.

As we have already told that this series is basically centered around a DJ named as Charlie, who is looking to build up his career in the music During the season, Charlie in search of building his career he becomes the caretaker of the daughter of his popular friend, Gaby.

As the season goes on, Charlie becomes a good friend of Gaby. After the finale episode of the first season, Charlie got to learn an important lesson while adjusting the success and the hard working attitude and goes on a world tour with Sara’s previous specialist Astrid while Sara and her better half David formally independent. Sara and Gaby stay in London as David heads out to shoot a blockbuster film.

In season 2, we will no doubt be following Charlie on his visit all throughout the planet and his relationship with Astrid. We may likewise be seeing much more of Charlie’s folks as Charlie proceeded to come clean with them about himself and his auntie.

We may likewise see Sara and Gaby becoming familiar to their life in London and we can certainly anticipate that Charlie should visit them, which in itself could prompt some show as Charlie and Sara can investigate a freshly discovered relationship that can cause a touch of envy by Astrid.

As I would see it, there are a ton of headings for the story to go however they will require a decent author on the grounds that there is a high likelihood of season 2 turning into a total bomb. I can see it being exhausting if not done right.

The cast of Turn Up Charlie Season 2

Since the show is known as “Turn Up Charlie” we can expect that Idris Elba will be back as Charlie. We can likewise anticipate that Piper Perabo should be back as Sara, Angela Griffin as Astrid, JJ Feild as David and Frankie Hervey as the youthful Gabrielle.

There is additionally a chance that Guz Khan could be back as Charlie’s dearest friend Del and Jocelyn Jee Esien could be back as Auntie Lydia. It is hazy whether the subsequent season will zero in essentially on Charlie’s new life as a famous DJ.

Will Turn Up Charlie Renewed for the Second Season?

Netflix ordinarily requires about a little while to decide if a show ought to be restored. Furthermore, it has been somewhat around two years since the show initially debuted so we can expect a restoration update any time now. Now and again Netflix sets aside a lot of effort to settle on a choice.

But we have a bad news for you as in statement Netflix said, “ Turn Up Charlie will not return for a second season.” Now after this statement we can end the speculations regarding the release of the second season of the Turn Up Charlie. We can easily figure out why the procedure has opt out for the second season of Turn Up Charlie.

As you can see on YouTube that the official trailer of the first season still doesn’t managed to cross one million views which shows that the viewers are not really interested for the series. This can be termed as the major reason behind the cancellation of the series, since the performance of the series was below average which leads to low viewership.

Final Words

However, the fans of the lead character of the series, Elba assured to the fans that he will be returning soon to the screens in the coming future. Hopefully, he will not disappoint his fans and followers. Ebla also acknowledged that his role in this series was out of his comfort zone as the most of the character he haad performed in the past have been serious role.

He further announced that he going to cast in a Netflix Original named as The Harder They Fall which was scheduled to release in 2020 but due to Covid-19 outbreak the series got delayed and its expected to release in 2021.

In case, you haven’t watched the first season of the Turn Up Charlie, then you can watch the entire first season of Turn Up Charlie on Netflix as it was originally released by Netflix. Here is the trailer of the first season of Turn Up Charlie:

I will update you regarding this series, if I got any news about the release of the next season. Till then, if you have any other query regarding this series do let us know in the comment section and if you like this article do share it with your friends and mates.