Is the giant film Godzilla Versus Kong still releasing this year?


If the fans have kept with all the things kaiju, then they know Godzilla Vs Kong is slated to be released this fall, but the fans of the show are questioning that release date nowadays.

The very long-awaited crossover was announced some years ago, and then it was promised to pit the king of the Monsters against the King Kong himself. But now given the current situation with the novel coronavirus, the fans of the show wants to know if the epic battle will be coming this year or not.

Godzilla Versus Kong Release Date


So far, the answer to the question is yes Godzilla Vs Kong is coming this year. The movie is also slated for the release in the month of November 20, 2020.

This release even follows the movie’s previous date change which would also have most definitely altered by the very ongoing pandemic. But a very big thanks to the brand new date, November could be in the cards for the new Godzilla Vs Kong.

Godzilla Versus Kong Production Detail

Godzilla Versus Kong- every detail

After all, May is now just around the corner, and the fans of the show have not heard anything about the trailer of the movie. The show production have wrapped last in the month of April, so it has been a full year since the movie ended their production.

There must also be ample footage that the Warner Bros. pictures can show, and some of the footage from the production also has been shared exclusively with the industry folk at the conventions.

Godzilla Versus Kong Delayed


This lack of footage has only heightened speculation that the Godzilla Vs Kong will be now moved to a later date. But now in a year with the uncertainty, Warner Bros pictures will now surely want to get this heavy hitters into the theatres when it will be made possible.

Those of the films even include Godzilla Vs Kong along with their titles like, Tenet, Wonder Woman 1984, and also a select few others.

Let’s hope the best for them and the fans as well.


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