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Is The Fourth Season Of Money Heist Just Got Confirmed By Netflix!

Money Heist is a drama series on Netflix. The show has been running successfully since 2017. This is the only show on Netflix that has got an excellent rating both from the audience as well as the critics. Well, 97 percent of the viewers have liked the show and according to Rotten Tomatoes, it has scored a full 100 percent. The series has just confirmed its fourth season.

Airing Date

There have been announcements made regarding the release date of the fourth season. Fans cannot keep their excitement. Money Heist Season 4 will be on Netflix on April 3rd, 2020. There is not much time left for the release. The fans are so excited that it is coming sooner than they had expected.


Nairobi as Alba Floors will be seen in the fourth season. The fans are eager to see him since he was shot in the third season. The viewers can be sure that he will no longer be watching the moment. But when the audience saw Nairobi in the teaser trailer, they were so delighted and excited.


Well, fans are very eager to watch the fourth season. The first two parties are wondering in Spain and taking some criminals prisoners and planning the biggest escape. The code of the eight thieves is called Urban Neighborhood, so the police cannot take them in. The first season of the show had consisted of two parts. There was an agreement that limited the producers to the third and the fourth season of the show. The current one begins with a bank robbery.

Well, this is it. There is not much time left for the release of the fourth season. So, hold tight and stay tuned for it. Cause this time it will be much big of a drama in the upcoming season.



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