Is Sony not Able To Deliver “Morbius” Without Help of Marvel


Due to Sony’s rights issues, Morbius would not be able to tantalize Star Jared Leto’s Legion of Monsters without the help of Marvel Studios.

This week, Jared Leto posted a photograph on Instagram in which he addressed an issue of Marvel’s Legion of Monsters comic part series about the likely presence of the crew’s online chatter.

This Legion of Monsters was formed in 1976 and first arrived in the Marvel premiere. The Legion of Monsters in the Vein of the Avengers was born from a combination of a handful of popular, established Marvel heroes, some of whom were also capable.

Making headlines for his comic. The first lineup of Legions of Monsters included Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Werewolf in Night and Morbius the Living Vampire.

The team did not last long, but the special mix of characters used for this supernatural team has made it a concept that Marvel is set to recreate from time to time.

Any is describing the picture of Jared Leto as The Tees of the Legend of Tees of Monsters, but can it ever be given to Sony?


It could be, but not in the film Morbius, or the untitled Spider-Man spinoff film – unless they had a Marble collaboration. Due to the dealings, Sony has full benefits to Morbius and other figures related to Spider-Man, but the Legion of Monsters (and the characters associated with the team’s name) belong to Marvel.

Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Werewolf to Night and later team editions, such as Satana and N’Kantu the Living Mummy, are not Spider-Man characters.

Sony can’t touch them, but Marvel can do it. However, it is difficult to imagine that Marvel has made this concession for a Sony film, especially because it would not be under the direct control of Marvel Studios.

It is more likely that Marvel would prefer to have a tight strap on the werewolf by Knight, Man-Thing, Ghost Rider, and more.

Ghost Rider is an extremely popular character that might have been planned by Marvel itself, and rumors of a werewolf appearing in Marvel’s Moon Night TV series by night. The same can apply to all other members.

If Marvel is taken in this production of Legion of Monsters (along with Morbius), possibilities are people are anxious to notice it into their films, and Morbius appears as a crossover character.

It should be noted that Marvel may already be working towards a supernatural superhero team based on characters that will be relevant to the MCU in the next few years.

The major theory is that Midnight Sun has an eye on Marvel, but since both teams share some members of the same team, it could be the Legion of Monsters.


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