Is Reality Z renewed for its Season 2? Find out!

Reality Z

Reality Z is a Brazilian series which sets in the capital city, Rio De Janerio. The series revolves around Zombies and an apocalypse situation which has occurred due to Zombies. The story has a particular niche as only a few audiences are hardcore zombie fans. A big question remains, “Is Reality Z renewed for Season 2?”

The Storyline of Reality Z Season 1:


Season 1 of the show revolves around Zombies and an apocalypse situation created by them. In a studio, the participants of a reality show are trapped due to the apocalypse situation. The participants of the show usually fight with each other. It becomes difficult for them, to stay in a single room. On the contrary, they have got no option as there is an apocalypse outside. So to survive they have to stay together.

Though at the end of the series, the main characters of the show have died by rectifying the apocalypse situation. So, it is a big question between the fans that whether the show will return for a sequel?

Is “Reality Z” renewed for its Season 2?

Reality Z Season 2
The show is broadcasted on the streaming platform of Netflix. Netflix has a certain procedure for renewing any show for a sequel. Season 1 has recently released on Netflix and the authorities will closely review its reaction from the audiences for a couple of weeks. As a result, there is no confirmation from Netflix at the moment.

It is also anticipated that if the show is renewed then a different story would be seen. The main characters of Season 1 have died so the director has to start the sequel with a new story.

“Reality Z” has received mixed reactions from the audience as it has a niche audience. Let’s wait for Netflix’s decision.

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