Is Knightfall Being Renewed? Tom Cullen Talks Possible Season 3


Knightfall is now coming out with season 3, and you will be excited about the things that they are going to bring in. Knightfall is a historical drama television series which has been filmed in a country named Croatia and Czech Republic. The show shows the success, the fall, persecution and the suppression of the Knights Table, as it is orchestrated by King Philip IV of France of October 13, 1307. The series mainly focuses on fictional Templar leader, Landry Lu Lazon; he is a brave warrior who is discouraged by the Templar’s failures in the Holy Land.

Knightfall Season 3

Jeremy Renner, the Marvel actor, produces the show. The show has received many negative comments and also much negative critical reception from viewers and critics alike. The series has earned universal criticism which is not at all very good. It has earned such a bad name because of being derivative, awkwardly paced and a mediocre screenplay. However, there were positive reviews for engaging performance of the cast and also the visuals being referred to as very much impressive.


The first part of this series was unable to increase the ratings of the channel in the year 2017, but this was enough to get or come back with a season 2. However, the second part of season 2 experienced a drop of viewers by 50%, which is half. This thing led to great worries of a third season not being able to happen, and it did not make them confident that the viewers would watch this series again.

Star of the series Tom Cullen said that he would not have been surprised if the pursuit or Pope Clement would not be a part of the plot or the story in the third season if that happened. The star also later added that there were a lot of open storylines.


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