Is Fantastic Beast 3 Cancelled? Cast, Release Date, Plot and Here’s everything you want to know


This movie is one of the best movies of old times and now it is coming with its second part. Although the third season of The Fantastic Beasts will be released after this year, it is never too early to wait for our favorite movie and also learn the details about it.

It is said that the third part of the movie will take some time to release and the fans cannot wait for the movie to have its release date very soon. 


They want it as soon as possible. For a movie which is two years away, there is already a remarkable amount of data on Fantastic Beasts 3.


As we know that they or the production team will take some time for their release date of the movie. It is said that the next part of the movie will take around two years to arrive.

 The creators have officially placed on November 20, 2020, as the release date of the third part of the film.


According to the information received by our sources, we came to know that, a typical city around the world will have five fantastic animal films.

Hypable announced in November that J.K. Rowling might have shared the period and settings for the next part. 

When a fan posted a tweet asking Rowling saying that This is Rio De Janeiro in the 1930s.


It is said by the officials that the cast for the third sequel of the movie will most probably be the same as we know of now by some of our sources.

 In the third part, we have come to know that Johnny Depp will also be there.

If there will be any updates about the movie then we will surely update you as soon as possible.