Is Dead Silent Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled?

The new Investigation Discovery series has blood-curdling murders, a strange aura of terror and insecurity, and excellent acting. Dead Silent is the name of the program, and it’s about the deadliest crimes that happen in the most unexpected settings.

dead silent season 2

Horror lovers enjoyed the project, and now that the first season has concluded, many are wondering when Dead Silent season 2 will begin. The release date for the second season has yet to be confirmed, but the tale will most likely continue in the coming year.

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However, the program must continue because people want to watch it, thus the date for the second season will be revealed as soon as all of the logistics are finalized.

Series creators

The first season was scheduled to premiere on October 25, 2016, which was most likely done on purpose to coincide with Halloween. The pilot season consisted of six episodes, each lasting around 45 minutes.

dead silent season 2


The series is divided into six segments, each of which relates a separate narrative of a terrifying crime committed in public. Most areas where people go to rest appear tranquil on the outside, but this is not always the case. This may be a nice woodland clearing, a peaceful lakefront, a location beside the road, and so on. As the authors demonstrate, any of these locations may be a man’s last stop and represent a serious threat.

In addition to real-life criminal cases, the broadcast features interviews with persons who witnessed them. It also includes opinions from expert criminologists and psychiatrists on how killers and maniacs committed their crimes.

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Jamie Ashen and his wife, Lisa, receive an anonymous gift of “Billy,” a ventriloquist doll. When Jamie leaves the house to get their takeout meal, a figure attacks Lisa, who is pregnant, forcing her to miscarry and scream. Jamie goes home to discover her dead, her tongue severed. After being freed from detention by Detective Jim Lipton owing to a lack of evidence, Jamie discovers a curious letter inside Billy’s box regarding “Mary Shaw,” a dead ventriloquist from his hometown of Raven’s Fair.

dead silent season 2

Returning to Raven’s Fair, which is now old and decrepit, Jamie seeks information about Mary Shaw from his estranged, affluent, wheelchair-using father, Edward, and his much younger wife, Ella. Jamie prepares Lisa’s burial with the aid of a local mortician called Henry Walker, dismissing them as superstitions. Marion, Henry’s elderly widow, warns Jamie that Mary Shaw’s ghost is harmful and advises him to bury Billy. Jamie does so, but is met by Detective Lipton, who has been following Jamie and suspects his conduct.

Henry tells Jamie that Mary Shaw was a well-known and popular ventriloquist who was publically disgraced after a small child named Michael rudely stated that he could see her lips moving during one of her performances. Michael vanished a few weeks later, and his family suspected Mary Shaw and lynched her. Mary’s last request was to be converted into a doll and buried among her 101 dolls, whom she referred to as her children.

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Henry, who was still a youngster at the time, witnessed Shaw (after she had been transformed into a dummy) stand up but was saved due to his quiet, because Mary exacts her vengeance by killing those who scream.

dead silent season 2

Jamie discovers that Michael, who was murdered by Mary Shaw, is his great-uncle. The Ashen family forced Mary to scream and permanently silenced her by cutting out her tongue as part of her lynching; as a result, she has since sought revenge on their whole lineage and all others at Raven’s Fair by killing them using the same technique.

Detective Lipton learns that all of Mary Shaw’s toys have been dug up after Mary Shaw murders Henry Walker. He notifies Jamie and is going to arrest him when he receives a call from “Henry” requesting that he go to Shaw’s old theatre to establish his innocence.

Detective Lipton learns that all of Mary Shaw’s toys have been dug up after Mary Shaw murders Henry Walker. He notifies Jamie and is going to arrest him when he receives a call from “Henry” requesting that he go to Shaw’s old theatre to establish his innocence.

dead silent season 2

Jamie and Lipton uncover 100 of the dolls in their large display case inside the damaged theater, along with Michael’s body, which has been converted into a marionette. Mary tells Jamie that she murdered Lisa because, unbeknownst to him, she was pregnant with his son, destroying any future Ashen child. Jamie and Lipton set fire to the theater and all of Shaw’s toys, but Lipton falls to the ground and cries, ensuring his destiny.

The film concludes with Jamie reading a nursery song about Shaw as a picture album with human puppets of Lisa, Henry, Lipton, Edward, Ella, and Jamie himself is presented. Mary shuts the book, fulfilling her vengeance.

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After all is said and done,  Dead Silence happened because it taught me a harsh, on-the-spot lesson in what not to do. It was like trying to learn to swim by jumping over Niagara Falls. I now exclusively create screenplays on spec, which means I write them on my own time without getting paid and then put them out there to see if anyone is interested.



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