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Is Charlie Theron An Immortal In The Movie “The Old Guard”?

We know that in real life no one is immortal those just happens in movies only. Same goes with Charlie Theron she is no immortal in real life, she just always gives off that whole kind of impression on-screen to her fans.

In Netflix’s movie ‘The Old Guard’, streaming on July 10, she is literally shown as an immortal one.

This movie ‘The Old Guard’ is the ragtag group of we can say never-say-die mercenaries that Theron’s Andy has gathered through the whole centuries.

Each of the members in the movie realizes that they all are immortal only after when they die for the first time, and now there are four of them: Andy, Brooker, Joe, and the last one is Nicky.

There is a line that goes by ‘Throughout history, we all have protected this world fighting in the shadows,’ Andy says these. When he was asked that if they were good guys or the bad ones, then Joe answered that by saying that, ‘it depends on the century’.

The Old Guard

In this current year, The Old Guard are now feeling their age. Andy is disillusioned haunted by the blood on their own hands and their feelings that all their efforts or hard work are futile.

With her ax-wielding, pistol-wielding skills, she is one or she is the greatest warrior that the world has right now, but she has never been more vulnerable.

Meanwhile, now they all are being hunted for their gift by shadow ex-spy Copley and also the scientist CEO Merrick. Then all things get shaken up when, after a few centuries, a brand new immortal emerges, the US Marine Nile Freeman, and now Andy must go and recruit her to their way of life-whether Nile likes it or not.

The whole movie is based on the kinetic, violent comic book series of the same name. And the author of that book which is of the same name is Greg Rucka, and it was illustrated by Leandro Fernandez. The director of the movie is Gina Price-Bythewood.



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