In The Heights Review: A Must-To-Watch Classic Musical Movie For You

In the heights

The new movie In the Heights will make you realize that you are watching it in the cinema hall even if you are sitting alone at your house and watching the movie on your laptop. There is something different about the fun and happy movies that makes you automatically connect to them. As for now, the audience seems to be loving the latest movie on the screen. 

The movie has amazed the audience with its storyline and it turned out to be the great movie of 2021. It also received great ratings both from the audience and the critics. Still, the movie made quite a good start at the box office. With an amazing storyline and fun casts, what can you expect? Of course a good movie. 


The musical movie which casts couples and people to make it more fun is all you want this year. Here is a complete review of the latest movie In the heights in detail. Check out everything about this latest movie and don’t miss anything. If you haven’t watched the movie then this is your place to shine.

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In the heights: Movie Summary

In the heights

The movie starts with the main character Usnavi de la Vega who is dictating a story to his four children. He tells them about his younger day’s story when he used to open a small bodega and his life mainly revolves around that place. Years later things have changed but the memories are still fresh as the dew in the grass. 

The main attraction of this movie is the choice of music. Now, the series is already a musical-based one, so you may wonder if it is obvious to have great music within the movie. The film especially focuses on the locals, their culture, tradition, and their belief. Living within the countryside, many people can understand what I am trying to say. 

Moreover, the movie is based on the musical stage of real-life and the story is derived from the same story. Universal Pictures was trying to make the movie based on this story in 2008 but the idea was dropped later. Again in 2016, the movie was picked again. The production started and the movie started to take off in 2016. 

Moreover, the movie starts to recast in 2019 but the global pandemic has stopped the production of the movie. Now, the movie has finally got a release date after so much delay. Officials have announced the release date for this movie to be 4 June 2021 for the Theatre and OTT platform. If you are looking to watch this movie then HBO has In the Heights to stream on. 

In the Heights: Movie Review

In the heights

Artistic and inspiration are the two things that can easily describe this move. In the Heights is a classical cult that should have been released early before than ever. It took almost a decade to finish and finally dropped the movie. But it was released, the movie didn’t lead the audience bored at all.

Directed by Jon M. Chu, who has himself made some of the best movies, along with In the Heights. A musical story that doesn’t disappoint you with its music. Talking about the storyline which focuses on the family and the community One can easily go emotional after watching it. The cinematography of the film is also beyond explanation and we have loved all the visuals from sunsets view to the city.

The movie celebrates American culture well and the writers have done much from their talent in making all the things worth it. Watching the movie, you will find great art in every single piece. But still, with all of these additional features, the movie failed to make a blockbuster. Against the budget of $55 Million dollars, the movie just made $41 Million dollars.

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In the Heights: Cast and Character

In the heights

This movie has a bunch of characters that play an important part in the upbringing of the show. The large cast has played their role in a respective way. Talking about the cast, the movie has many characters and each and everyone has done an amazing job.

Anthony Ramos, the main character of this show has been playing the role of Usnavi de la vega. In the next few lines, we will be going to show you the cast and the characters in the movie. 

  • Anthony Ramos is playing the role of Usnavi de la Vega
  • Melissa Barrera as Vanessa Morales
  • Leslie Grace is cast as Nina Rosario
  • Corey Hawkins as Benny
  • Olga Merediz will be seen as “Abuela” Claudia
  • Jimmy Smits is playing the role of Kevin Rosario
  • Gregory Diaz IV as Sonny de la Vega
  • Daphne Rubin-Vega is playing the role of Daniela
  • Stephanie Beatriz as Carla
  • Dascha Polanco is casted as Cuca
  • Noah Catala as Graffiti Pete

Other than that, there are more characters in the movie like the piragua guy (Lin-Manuel Miranda). More than that, there is Usnavi’s accountant (the Mateo Gomez) and Sonny’s father (Marc Anthony)

Is there any official Trailer for this movie?

The official trailer of this movie has been released on youtube, and people are seen to be loving the trailer so far. The video has suppressed 13.5 Million views on the internet. As the movie has already been released on the theatre and OTT platform HBO, it didn’t receive many viewers. 

If you are someone who has not watched the official trailer before then here is the trailer for you.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

What are the ratings of this movie?

Talking about the ratings of this show, which is great. Both the critics and audience have blessed the movie with over-the-top ratings. Starting the list with an IMDb rating which is 7.5/10 of this film. The movie has 95% of rotten tomatoes and rated 3.5/5 parent previews. 

The audience, which plays the main role in making the movie great, has been quite serious about their ratings. The audience rating summary of In the Heights is 4.3. 

Overall the movie is great and if you are thinking of watching it, don’t think twice. Also, follow our page, honknews, and get all the recent updates about the entertainment world.