In the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, Another Lady Describes Being Groomed for Epstein

Another Lady Describes Being Groomed for Epstein in the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial.
FILE PHOTO: Ghislaine Maxwell hugs her attorney as she arrives for jury selection in the trial of Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's associate accused of sex trafficking, in a courtroom sketch in New York City, U.S., November 18, 2021. REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg/File Photo

A second lady said Ghislaine Maxwell “told me I was one of his favorites” following one of her contacts with late businessman Jeffrey Epstein.

The lady, who goes by the nickname Kate, is the second of four individuals charged in Ms Maxwell’s sex assault trial in Manhattan federal court.


The study started last week and will end in January.

Kate claimed she was 17 and struggled to make friends when she visited Ms. Maxwell for tea in her London home in 1994.

Kate, now in her mid-40s, related how Ms. Maxwell offered to connect her to her boyfriend, who might assist her career.

“I felt excited and desired as a friend,” Kate stated.

Kate was above the age of consent in Britain, therefore any sexual interactions she mentioned were not “illegal sex acts”.

On the other hand, prosecutors might use Kate’s evidence to support behavior patterns described by other witnesses, such as Ms. Maxwell adoring adolescent girls as a method of grooming them for Epstein’s abuse.

Ms. Maxwell, 59, has pleaded not guilty to eight counts of sex trafficking and other offences, and her attorneys claim the four women’s recollections have been tainted by time.

‘A favorite’

Kate stated Epstein was at the townhouse weeks later when she returned for tea.

The woman claimed she massaged Epstein’s feet at Ms Maxwell’s request, and he was pleased.

Ms Maxwell afterwards requested Kate to give Epstein a massage.

Kate denied being a massage therapist when questioned by a prosecutor.

Ms Maxwell brought Kate to a massage room where Epstein was in a towel.

Ms Maxwell shut the door, and Epstein slept with Kate. Then she stated Ms Maxwell saw her.

“‘Did you have fun? You’re a lovely lady. I’m glad you could come’, “Kate said.

“I was glad that she was pleased,” she said.

Kate stated she went to Epstein’s residence in Palm Beach after turning 18 and had a sexual encounter with him in the pool house.

“She said I was such a wonderful girl and one of his favorites,” she claimed.

Lawyers for Ms Maxwell claim she is only being charged because Epstein is deceased.

Epstein, 66, died in a Manhattan prison cell in 2019.

Jane testified last week that Epstein began abusing her when she was 14 years old in 1994.

Ms Maxwell allegedly joined in on their interactions, which generally started as massages before escalating.

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