In Long Beach, the first omicron coronavirus case has been verified.



A long beach city resident got affected by the new variant of covid, Omicron
The first case was reported on Monday and got confirmed on Tuesday, December 7.


The resident who was affected by Omicron returned to the city on Nov. 29 after traveling internationally, stated the Health Department.

As Long Beach city is separated from the other I like other LA countries this makes it the 4th country case worldwide.

On the same day, Los Angeles country reported its second and third cases. Three people who got infected in LA were confirmed to have mild symptoms of omicron.
Earlier in the statement, the health department said the Long Beach residents are fully vaccinated.

Multiple cases of the Omicron Covid Variant have been discovered in New York City

Long Beach Long Beach health department has been urging their citizen’s to take precautions as done in the past few days.

The impact of omicron is not fully known, so in order to take precautions, everybody is urged to take the covid-19 vaccine or a booster short and continue wearing masks outdoors or even on larger indoor events and should properly get tested in case of feeling sick.

These precautionary measures word put forward by the health department
As the vaccine is most effective in stopping the spread of omicron; they advised more and more people to get vaccinated in order to lower the chance of omicron or any other variant getting spread at a large.
About 84% of Long Beach adults are vaccinated as of now.