In Kentucky, tornado victims can apply for Disaster Unemployment Assistance


People living in Kentucky  are now jobless because of the Deadly tornado that hit it in December

The deadly tornado tore down Western Kentucky and lead many people to lose their households and jobs, these people now may be eligible for the disaster unemployment assistance.


“This process doesn’t seem to be created for folks that have lost everything,” said Governor Andy Beshear on December 18 at a news conference.

He also stated that he understands how many people may have lost their important paperwork, due to the tornado.

 The state will be working on it and help them with financial assistance.

Disaster unemployment assistance:

Disaster unemployment assistance is like a federally funded jobless benefit; For those who have lost their job or hard work interrupted due to any natural disaster, also declared by the president.

It is managed by the US Department of Labour.

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Unemployed people- people who are unemployed due to the caused natural disaster or even those who are self-employed, and their work have got interrupted due to the disaster.

  • It would not be available to those people who are not eligible for the traditional state unemployment insurance benefits.
  • This might not include some farmers and self-employed people.
  • Some people can also apply for regular unemployment benefits.