Everything You Need To Know About Imposters Season 3

It came as a surprise for many fans who are unaware that there is a series called Importer on Netflix. Anyone who has kept the track of watching all the shows on Netflix would have to deal with that importers is one of the most underrated series on the platform. With the release of two seasons. The series is heading in a great direction and there are already many people who are wondering if there will be Imposters Season 3 or not?

Imposter might not be one of the most famous shows on Netflix right now but there are loyal fans who have stuck with the series since the start. The Dark comedy series has already gotten the fan’s support and the critics also appreciated the series for its great writing, amazing cinematography, and well-developed characters. 


Created by Adam Brooks and Paul Adelstein, the series was officially released in 2017. Through the release of its first season, the show has managed to make the audience laugh through its dark humor. What excites the fan the most is how the audience kept coming back over these years. Making them believe that there is a good future for the show. But is there? 

It’s been more than 4 years since the show released its second season and fans are still speculating if their weight for the series is worth it or not? Well, there are lots of things happening around the show and we think that you should be aware of all these things. Continue reading this article to find out everything about this show. 

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Imposters: What do you need to Know?

Imposters Season 3

An imposter is a Comedy series that was initially released in 2017. Centering around Maddie, who targets rich men and marries them, steals their money and all the materialistic things which she can, and later ran away. 

I am pretty sure that you must have heard about such series or movies and even I have watched such shows but what makes this series different? The show is interesting and worth binge-watching. With Good Humor and Dark Comedy, the show is making the audience wait to release more seasons. 

The show is already landed on Netflix and if you are waiting to have your hands on some good shows this is one for you. Starring Inbar Lavi as Maddie, Rob Heaps as Ezra Bloom, Parker Young as Richard Evans, Marianne Rendón as Jules, Stephen Bishop as Patrick, and Brian Benben as Max. 

Imposters Season 3: Will there be Another Season?

Imposters Season 3

It looks like the series has officially ended. The end of the second season brings back thousands of questions among the fans. Anyone who has watched the ending of the series would be hoping to see more about the show. 

The show has the potential to get more episodes as the story was not ended on a proper note and there are a lot of things that were needed to address. After the release of the second season, the officials never really talked about the series. If the show have to be delivered its third season, it would have been done by now. 

Along with this, the series has already gained good reviews but it was not enough for the show makers to release another season The ending of the series was happens quite roughly, and seems like the creators have done it hurriedly. I don’t think that there will be Imposter Season 3 as the officials have not yet revealed anything about its possible third season. 

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Imposters Season 3 Cancelled: Why the Series got Cancelled?

Imposters Season 3

Despite the series getting good remarks from the fans and the audience, the creators of the show still canceled the show. After releasing two seasons, Bravo officially canceled the series, Through it came out unexpectedly and it was shoving for the fans to find out about it, there are still many people who were hoping for the show to be released. 

Imposters Season 3 is one of the most awaited seasons for the audience and as it is officially canceled, fans have to deal with two seasons only, Anyone who is wondering why there is no thyroid installment of the show can see how the ratings dipped after the release of the second season. 

As I have already stated above imposter was one of the highly underrated series. Many people were tally unaware of the series was because there were no marketing and promotion done by the creators. Many people got to know about the show during the global pandemic. 

The main reason behind the cancellation is the low ratings and the viewership of the fans. Since the show was not able to meet the demands of the creators, it was destined to get canceled. Now, you have to assume that the second season was the last and final season of the series. 

Final words

An imposter is officially canceled after releasing two seasons. Both seasons delivered their episodes within the time of two years. Created by Adam Brooks and Paul Adelstein, the series has concluded its final episode and there is nothing to explore more. The dark comedy series has not met the expectation of the showrunners and with average performance on the screen, the showrunners doesn’t6 find the show to run for another Season. 

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