If taxpayers correct errors on their returns by December 23, the New Year’s $1,400 stimulus check payment would still be available.

Coronavirus stimulus checks are shown on the photo


Surprise stimulus check or plus-up payments of $1400 were to be sent to people living in the US before the upcoming Christmas or the new year.


“Plus-up” payments, extra stimulus checks are being sent out to those who have already received a stimulus check based on their 2019 tax return, based on the information obtained from their Social Security numbers.

AS the information was based on their 2019 tax returns and information obtained from their Social Security numbers, there have been some filing errors and so delayed payments due to these errors.

The government in Guam sent 635 notices to taxpayers because of filing errors or prior ineligibility, they have still not received their stimulus check.

Recipients of the letters have a deadline of Thursday, December 23, to fix any issues in order to be processed by Friday, December 31.