If Snyder Cut comes out, it may be different from what fans expect.


Yes, we are talking about cutting Snyder. Fix it, it will be a ride.

The presence of the short Justice League has been edited according to the specifications and wishes of the first director, Zack Snyder, and has been the subject of speculation on the Internet, fan petitions and, surprisingly, extensive online movements since the launch of the


Justice League. “This charm does not really disappear.

Apparently, it was triggered by Snyder’s endless sparkling jokes and the suspicion that such films were Disney paid shawls trying to haunt the world of DC films. ”

There are too much talk and anger about Snyder’s work, so I was impressed with Dan Olson’s new video, also known as an idea, although you can hardly say anything about the blog, of course.

In a short, but very informative video, he summarizes the history of the Snyder-cut movement and the production of backstage films, which should or should not begin with this.

In particular, Olson has long been interested in printing at work with an unfinished version of the film, which includes all the frames, but with very little special effects, color correction and the ability to deliver the latest music.

As Olson explained, launching Snyder-Cut would not have been possible without millions of dollars completed. This is an interesting working form, but it can be much smoother and less complete than the fan expected.

Don’t say you never did anything for Snyder fans.