I Am Legend 2: Will There be a Sequal?

I Am Legend 2

Coordinated by Francis Lawrence, ‘I am Legend‘ is a variation of the Richard Matheson epic of a similar name. It is the third film transformation of Matheson’s tale after 1964’s The Last Man on Earth and 1971’s ‘The Omega Man.’ The film rolled out numerous improvements to the source material yet ended up being a film industry hit. The end of the film finishes the journey of Will Smith’s character, Dr. Robert Neville, who has gone through years attempting to discover the solution for the virus liable for humankind’s close to destruction. The film’s solid film industry numbers and the fame of Smith’s character have kept on filling the theories about the chance of an I am Legend 2. This is what we think about it.

The Plot of I am Legend 2

The film stars Will Smith (‘Bad Boys’) in the part of Dr. Robert Neville, Alice Braga (‘Queen of the South‘) as Anna, and Charlie Tahan as Ethan leading the pack jobs. Salli Richardson and Willow Smith show up as Zoe and Marley, Neville’s better half and girl, in flashbacks. The film carries the journey of Smith’s character to a fitting end and builds up against him as the deliverer of humanity. Any expected continuation of the story would almost certainly be without Smith’s character as taking him back to proceed with the story would upset the legendary status he accomplishes toward the finish of the first film.

The first film, set in an abandoned New York City, follows the tale of Dr. Robert Neville, who is apparently the last survivor left in the city after a dangerous virus either kills the majority of mankind or changes them into ruined vampire-like animals. It’s an exciting story of expectation and persistence that finishes with Neville losing himself to guarantee the fix of the virus, which he has guaranteed is securely conveyed to a settlement of survivors.

I am Legend additionally has another end that sees Neville endure the occasions of the film. An immediate continuation could undoubtedly worship that end and spotlight Neville’s, Anna’s, and Ethan’s quest for other enduring people. Having said that, chief Francis Lawrence chose to work in reverse and was cherishing a prequel in the early years after the film’s delivery. He has since backed away from the undertaking in the wake of battling to discover a story similarly interesting as the first film, and the I am Legend 2 has been stuck in an in-between state from that point forward.

The Release Date of I am Legend 2

I am Legend was delivered in homegrown and Canadian auditoriums on December 14, 2007, by Warner Bros. Pictures, and the film got a blended reaction from the pundits. Nonetheless, the film proceeded to round up $585.3 million universally in the cinema world. Normally, expression of the studio’s advantage in fostering a subsequent film began circling.

Different reports of discussions about a continuation produced buzz for a long while following the film’s delivery, however, these discussions have subsided as of late. Warner Bros. Pictures has offered no authority remark on a continuation. Yet in the event that by some magic or help from above a spin-off is greenlit this year, I am Legend 2 could be delivered at some point in 2024

The reason behind Stepping Down

In 2018, Lawrence clarified the purpose for his choice to venture down from the task on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast. He said, “It just felt compelled to do a prequel, and that was fundamental, we would have been doing Contagion. What’s more, to accomplish something that is a follow-up either doesn’t have him in it, or you need to accomplish something truly stupid, which is, you know, “Researchers have taken his DNA and restored him by one way or another!” And that would have been truly moronic, thus I only sort of bowed out.

Final Words

In 2014, Warner Bros. was hoping to reboot the establishment by modifying a theoretical content from essayist Gary Graham to fit in the range of I am Legend 2. Since then, at that point, there has been no word on that undertaking also.

Yet, on the off chance that the first film has shown us anything, it is to never surrender trust even in the midst of hopelessness. Although the chance looks depressing, we may see an I am Legend 2 (or prequel/reboot) soon if a specific infection doesn’t clear out mankind before that.