Hyper Scape’s stylish weapon animations are a pretty distraction in long firefights

Ubisoft has always blown our minds with the amazing games it has given to us, Assassin’s Creed being its biggest project. This summer Ubisoft is launching a new game Hyper Scape. This game challenges players to explore a futuristic city in squads of three.

Hyper Scape according to the reviews and news doesn’t have lots of weapons, but it solves several frustrations rooted like the genre and manages to maintain a cybernetic flair while doing so.


This game is a new trio online multiplayer game and is expected to perform like Fortnite, the problem with new multiplayer games is that it needs to be very popular for the game to be readily playable.

Otherwise, the game just turns into the brick with a computer instead of actual players.

This game has better and more smooth animations and better weapons graphics. Hyper Scape confirms that the firefight will be a drawn-out dance that honestly feels like it could go either way.

Switching between weapons spins the gun ahead of you like a fractured boomerang, materializing your secondary weapon before your eyes and returning it fully-formed back into your hand.

 Hyper Scape

This game claims to be away from the hack and other mods, which disrupt the gaming quality and integrity of the game. Once you get a change of the weapons and know how to use them the game would be very interesting.

The game got a new idea by modifying the warzone so that the players don’t have to scavenger the whole area to find a weapon, they can just go to the loadout station to get their armory.

Hyper Scape takes this a step further by encouraging players to explore the map and fuse duplicate weapons and hacks (abilities) to upgrade your loadout.

This game is amazing and enjoyable according to the reviews but it is believed that it might struggle to lure players from their established norms. The other counterparts are too popular and the gaming world did not need another online FPS game.

Hyper Scape does its best to offer fresh but the niche it wants to acquire is already taken and is acquired by other competitors. For more exciting news and amazing leaks stay connected and stay tuned.

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