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Hundred Review Hotstar: There are several series that are so pure and easy and don’t have much great story but nevertheless are being loved by the audiences around the planet, the recently published Hindi web series Panchayat starring Jeetu Bhaiya is an example of this, and now there’s another series in the list, Hotstar Vip unique series Hundred is now released on Hotstar and here in the article we are going to review it.

Before we jump directly to the in-depth review, let us remind you the series is a play web series starring Riku Rajguru, Lara Dutta and Karan Wahi, the show is currently having complete 8 episodes and now published on Hotstar for people who don’t want to read the complete detailed review and needs a 1 line inspection, we’d say its a worth watch, Decent narrative with Great Performances. Now jump into a detailed review. Hundred Review Hotstar.

Hundred Web Series Review Hotstar Particular

Hundred Review Hotstar cast
We will discuss the series segment-wise, such as narrative, acting, screenplay and then a baseline of the series, please be aware we are not likely to provide on any spoilers, so don’t worry after reading it, you are likely to love the series more.


Hundred Review Hotstar - Rinku Rajguru

The series is made by Ruchi Narain, Ashutosh Shah and Taher Shabbir, and they’ve created a simple but pure story that touches heart, the story has everything like Emotion, comedy, little suspense and a small bit of action too, do not expect Rohit Shetty types, it’s a simple activity, the narrative revolves around a Marathi girl Netra Patil played by Sairat fame Rinku Rajguru, a lady cop ACP somya played with Lara Dutta and Karan wahi in a small but crucial role.

The story is centred on Netra Patil mainly, she must know that she’s only 100 days to live and also to prove her value she unites Acp somya who desperately desires marketing, to perform an undercover operation from the goons, the story is enjoyable ride of two different individuals who finish their goal in 100 Hundred days, too there’s a little twist at the past.

ACTING (4/5)

Hundred Review Hotstar - Rinku Rajguru-3

The best aspect of the show, Lara Dutta and Riku Rajguru is awesome Karan wahi also shines, this is the very best aspect of this show and this is the reason why this series worth your time, you will see some pure desi magic acting, especially by Rinku Rajguru, she is surely going to win your spirit alone again after the Sairat.

Hundred Hotstar Season 1 SCREENPLAY & EDITING (3/5)


When narrative hasn’t much to tell and show, you can’t expect much from the narrative and editing, there’s nothing much to say in terms of screenplay, but editing has small scope too, at few occasions show feels too boring and having a non-relevant conversation, it appears like manufacturers are attempting to make the series longer and more, although this occurs with almost every web series nowadays.

Hundred Hotstar Season 1TOTAL — BOTTOM LINE (3.3/5)

The series is a one-time watch and its worth viewing, don’t go with anticipation of delight and plot twist, this is a simple narrative with an extraordinary acting that you are going to find some golden performances.

This is our review for your Hotstar Particular Hundred, what is your opinion concerning this, please let us know in the comment section, for more post and articles on digital platforms and series keep us, also follow our social media handles for updates about series and movies.



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