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Queen of The South Season 5: The Game of Crime

You must have watched innumerable web series in various genres, and one of the spectacular crime-thriller Queen of the South must have been on your list.

Teresa Mendoza and her fresh lifestyles in New Orleans might be the purpose of attention of the 5th season of this series. After traveling through the episodes of all four seasons, you must be waiting for the Queen of the South Season 5, right? So let me clear the air of suspense for you.

Are you excited? Yes, I know you are. 

About the Series

Queen of the South is an American Crime Drama television series which was first premiered on June 23, 2016. The drama was developed by M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller on USA Network.

It is an adaptation of the telenovela La Reina del Sur which airs on USA’s sister network Telemundo.  They both are adapted from the novel La Reina del Sur by Spanish author Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

Release of Season 5 of Queen of the South 

The series is divided into 5 seasons.

Queen of the South season 5 will end on June 9, 2021, and it will be the final season of the series. The fifth season was renewed on August 29, 2019. But due to Covid-19, the production was suspended on March 14, 2020.  On March 8, 2021, it was announced that the fifth season would premiere on April 7, 2021.

As per the media report, Queen of the South season 1 was aired on Netflix after eight months of the release (Sep 15, 2016- May 2017). The same happened with the second season, it took nine months to (Aug 31, 2017= May 2018). And yes likewise it happened with the third and fourth season, it took eight and nine months to be aired on Netflix (Sep 13, 2018- May 2019) – (Aug 29, 2018- June 2020).

So yes, for Queen of the South Season 5 I have to wait for eight to nine months like you. And that’s sad, right! 

Starcast of the Series 

The star cast of the show is the finest actors. We can see 

  • Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza
  • Veronica Falcon as Camila Vargus in season 1-3
  •  Justina Machoda as Brenda Parra in season 1 and guest season 4
  •  Peter Gadiot as James Valdez in season 1-3, 5 and guest season 4
  •  Hemky Madera as Pote Galvez, Gerardo Taracena as Cesar in season 1 & 2
  • Joaquim de Almeida as Don Epifanio Vargus in season 1-2 and guest season 3
  •  Jon-Michael Ecker as Raymundo in season 2–3, recurring season 1, guest season 4
  • Yancey Arias as Alberto Cortez in season 1-3
  • Alfonso Herrera as Javier Jimenez in season 1-4 and recurring season 3
  • Andrews as Judge Cecil Lafayette in season 4
  • Molly Burnett as Kelly Anne Van Awken in season 5 and recurring seasons 2 and 4.

Plot- Queen of the South Season 1 to Season 4  

Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) a woman who leads the whole series with her spectacular performance. A poor Mexican woman, who builds a drug empire and is overflowed with rich wealth. She lives in the Barrio of Culiacán in Sinaloa, Mexico.

After falling in the love with a member of the drug cartel, she tries to improve her living condition. Hearing the news about her boyfriend’s murder, she escaped from there and on the United States border, she meets a person from her past and joins hands with him so that he can take down the drug ring that is after her.

After learning about the basic tools of the trade, she started her own drug distributing organization, after which she becomes rich. But all these scenarios created more problems in her life afterward.

Queen of the South Season 5: The Game of Crime

Teresa’s split with Eddie Brucks (Bailey Chase) might want to have devastating outcomes for her business whilst the hit USA Network set returns, together with episodes, even in the long run, going to Netflix. In their continuing attempt and deliver down New Orleans’ new queen pin, the DEA or CIA would possibly undergo Teresa Mendoza’s ex-boyfriend Eddie Brucks, consistent with fanatics.

Some Reasons for the delay in the Series 

The show has made comeback on USA Network, but it is yet to be premiered in my state and yours. But as I am waiting for the finale season, I am sure you too must be waiting, right?  “According to, the script supervisor of the show Barry Caldwell took to his Instagram in January 2021 and spoke about the release of the show. He said, “Regarding Netflix and non-US broadcast TV, we have no idea. In the first four seasons, we hit Netflix one year after the TV premiere. That would normally put the Netflix premiere in April 2022. However, we are trying to get it pulled up sooner. This is all we know at the present time’’ 

Teresa’s antique flame might also additionally go back as a brand new adversary whilst the screen returns later this year if some persuasive fan theories are to be believed.

Queen of the South Season 5: The Game of Crime

As per Daily Research Plot, “There is an attainable concept floating around that Eddie works for the DEA or CIA,” Redditor PrivateSpeaker suggested. While Eddie is not going to had been a spy from the start, he may also additionally attempt to re-input Teresa’s lifestyles in season 5 in the event that you would like to explore greater concerning her drug actions.”

 Queen of The South Season 5 Trailer 

“You will pay her a go-to as soon as she has gone so that you will have a personal communique together along with her and confront her approximately her profession.”

Eddie strove to decrease all ties with Teresa to recuperate from their breakup, which explains the reason why he failed to show up at the ICU.

His sudden reappearance on the give-up of season 4, on the alternate hand, might also additionally imply he changed into approached with the aid of utilizing an agent exploring Teresa’s drug enterprise as part of a brand new procedure to deliver her down.

Teresa could be always looking over her shoulder at the imminent episode, as the advent of James Valdez (Peter Gadiot) hinted about the go back of a couple of classic foes in season 5.

However, fans have theorized that if Eddie tries to shoot down Teresa from the inside, he could be in over his head. Eddie might want to fulfill a premature result in season 5 if he receives too near the truth, largely with Pote (Hemky Madera) and now James together with the help of using her side.

Your wait will be over soon! 

And yes, if I am waiting for the last season with so much eagerness, to watch Alice Braga’s stunning performance, you will also wait. Go and watch all the Four Seasons of Queen of the South now on Netflix. Queen of the South season 5 will be back again with its spectacular thriller to leave us all crazy. 



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