HP Elite Dragonfly Bringing Style Into the Market


The HP Elite Dragonfly is meant to bring style into business-class notebooks. Unlike the typical boring black or grey ultrabooks, the Dragonfly has a sleek matte finish, although it is intended for the enterprise customers of HP.

The blue is striking and sleek, although it’s not yelling for attention such as. Walk for this in mind and people in the conference room will notice. Additionally, it is extremely light and thin, fitting an ultrabook’s definition.


It is about half the weight of a Macbook, however that one has more hardware indoors, so the contrast here is just meant as an indication of the weight.

The Dragonfly unites the appearance and touchpad. The glass touchpad is extremely responsive, never misses a gesture and is only large enough to not be cumbersome to use.

Along with the fact that the Dragonfly is a quick notebook that is enough, Windows 10 runs as easy as ultrabooks within this price range.

That said, the Dragonfly won’t suit every business user.

It is supposed to be used for spreadsheets, possibly and write documents up. It is not for people who need to perform intensive activities that are graphically on their laptops. Its screen does not suit a user like this, but the others will not disappoint.

The Dragonfly just about ticks the boxes for a work day’s worth of battery life, although We’d have preferred better battery life from an ultrabook. You are covered for 7-8 hours on every charge on its performance manner that is best, although it is not enough to leave the charger house.

It’s also a convertible, meaning that the screen supports stylus and touchscreen input and rotates a full 360 degrees.

Overall, it is a fantastic ultrabook for company executives who do not need to eliminate all the style quotient.