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How to Get the Most Out of MuchBetter

How to Get the Most Out of MuchBetter

MuchBetter, a globally recognized payment method, can be accessed in various languages. Clients using this method are assured of safe fund transfer. Also, MuchBetter offers groundbreaking technology that allows necessary system changes whenever authorities introduce new rules. For this reason, online casinos have accepted this payment method.

With a vast majority of casino players using electronic wallets, MuchBetter seeks ways to best serve this growing population. Fierce advertising and low transaction costs are some of the strategies that have kept this payment method in the market. You can get money into your e-wallet once you link it to your bank account.

Once you link the two accounts, it is easy to many fund transfers in either direction. In addition, you could get a MasterCard from MuchBetter which you could use to pay for items at physical stores. The prepaid card can only be used when there are funds in your MuchBetter account. By simply entering a pin code, you can avoid making contact as this Mastercard is contactless.

Step-By-Step Guide on MuchBetter

The first step to using MuchBetter at an online casino would be to download the app. Both iPhone and Android users can get the app for free. After filling in your personal details, you can start using your registered account. Through your preferred deposit method, you can transfer funds to your new electronic wallet. With funds in your MuchBetter account, you can shop online or play at a casino. The process reflects a combination of Revolut and Neteller or Skrill.

You can top up your MuchBetter account in several ways including bank transfer. Another way to raise your balance would be through the virtual currency bitcoin. You could choose your preferred option to increase your e-wallet funds. Although MuchBetter is a new payment method, there are many online casinos that have established partnerships. In the coming years, more casinos around the world will form partnerships with MuchBetter. You can catch up on the latest from your casino through the regular newsletter to find out whether you can transact using this payment method.

Rewards from MuchBetter

Many Norwegian casinos accept deposits using MuchBetter. If you use this option at a Norwegian casino, you can easily make your payments. At the same time, you can earn rewards from your deposits. Each time you deposit 100 euros per week, you earn points. These points enable you to take part in a draw where the winner gets 100 euros.

Besides being rewarded each time you make a deposit, you can get rewards for fund transfers. MuchBetter gives its users a reward for any 10-euro transfer made to a friend. You can send money to your friends and the recipients would receive the money instantly. It is a friendly option for those with family members or friends overseas.


Making quick withdrawals is perhaps the most notable benefit of using MuchBetter at an online casino. You can make faster withdrawals and fund transfers to your bank account. It bodes well especially for people who want instant access to their winnings. Once the casino approved your withdrawal request, you can have the money in your account immediately.

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