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How to Fix a Crack in Your Quartz Countertop

Although cracks in your quartz countertop are rare, it is also a good idea to know how to fix them. Quartz is pretty durable to chips and crack, but under certain pressure and circumstances, they can happen.

If you notice a chip or crack shortly after installing, ensure that it was not done by the contractors or installers. You can also call your warranty to ask what it covers and if you can get a replacement. For large cracks, such as ones more than a quarter, you should call a professional.

To do it on your own as a DIY, follow the steps below. It can be pretty easy with the right materials and advice.

Always clean it first

Always clean the counter before doing any work. You will be filling in the damage later, so you want to make sure that no food or bacteria is getting into the mixture.

It is best to clean with an ammonia-based cleaner. Make sure to thoroughly wipe the area several times. Allow it to completely dry before moving to the next step.

Ammonia can damage the skin in certain circumstances, so consider using gloves or a mask when cleaning. You can also open a window to allow some fresh air in. Never mix ammonia with other types of cleaner as this can cause respiratory problems.

Mark the damage with tape

This can be difficult if the chip is small but try your best. The tape should be put down as close to the edges as possible without getting into the actual crack. Using several small pieces of tape can be better than using a large one.

The tape will ensure that glue will only get into the damaged area, but not the good parts of the counter. The finish will also be more even in the end of the tape is used correctly.

Fill with epoxy

Glue or epoxy can be used. The glue can be applied directly to the surface without mixing it into anything. After the glue application, a paintbrush or toothpick should be used to spread it evenly.

Make sure to not overfill the hole. Extra glue can be hard to clean up. Apply just enough to be even with the rest of the surface.

How to Fix a Crack in Your Quartz Countertop

Light-colored counters

Some people wonder if glue or epoxy is better. This can depend on the color of the quartz countertop that you have.

Light-colored counters usually work better with glue or adhesive.

Dark-colored counters

Pigmented epoxy works best for dark-colored counters. Glue may be too noticeable in the finished product and make the surface look very uneven.

If you aren’t sure what to use or which pigment to work with, try to ask someone at the local hardware store or ask the contractor that installed the counters.

Wait 24 hours

Both glue and epoxy will need to wait for 24 hours before moving onto the next step. This can be hard when you want to finish the counter and use your kitchen again, but waiting is a very crucial step.

Waiting 48 hours is even better. 48 hours will make sure the mixture is completely dry and smooth. A smooth mixture is important for the next step.

If the waiting period is not completed, the glue will strip off and leave you with another hole.

Remove Tape

If the glue is completely dried, remove the masking tape. The glue can also be removed but it may be a little more difficult than removing the tape. Only the excess tape should be removed.

Try using a small razor or blade to scratch away the glue. Be careful not to scratch the surrounding countertop.

Only scrape off the glue on the surface to make the whole counter level. If you scrape too quickly or too much, the counter may not appear uniform.

All finished

Clean the counter again. This time you can do so with just soap and water. Sandpaper can be used to finish off the leveling.

The sandpaper will ensure that the repaired area looks the same as the rest of the counter. People will not even be able to tell that counter was ever cracked and repaired.

Sandpaper with a grit between 360-600 would be best.

Sometimes a professional is a need

Some people hire a professional from the very beginning while others decide to repair as a DIY. Sometimes certain warranties will be canceled if they find out you repaired anything by yourself. In this case, always hire a professional.

If the crack is very large or deep you should also call a professional. This is especially true if you have an active warranty. This link offers some valuable information about filing residential warranty claims.

How can I prevent a crack in the quartz countertop?

If you take care of your quartz properly it will be pretty hard to get a crack. The only things that can crack quartz are temperature changes and heavy objects. Large bags of ice could potentially put a crack in the quartz.

A very hot pot or pan could also crack the counter. For these reasons, you should never drop anything heavy onto the counter. Do not leave heavy objects standing on the counter either.

In addition to cracking, heat can cause discoloration. Trivets or heating pads should always be used. Quartz countertops are scratch-resistant, but never use them as a cutting board. This could eventually lead to deep scratching or cracks.

Certain scrubbers or abrasives could also lead to chipping. Try to use cloths or soft sponges when cleaning the counters. Basic household cleaners or hot water and soap are the best because they are not too acidic or too alkaline.

If you are not sure if a certain cleaner or substance is safe, you can call the hardware store or do a quick search online. In general, acetone and bleach should not be used.

The good news is that quartz is highly durable. With the proper care, you are not at risk for chipping or cracking.



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