Distressed Jeans: DIY Hacks And Tips to Distress Your Jeans

Distress jeans are already in fashion and it’s been quite a long time since the fashion was introduced. People are into distressed jeans so much that there are abundant of distressed jeans available in the market and people are still finding it hard to get their good pair of jeans. 

Have you ever wondered why distressed jeans are more costly than regular jeans? Yeah! I know you do. We all want something cheaper yet fashionable and there is no shame in it. But since fashion is such fast-forwarding and everyone wants to get into the latest trend and achieve that perfect Instagram look we spend a lot of money. 


Your moms probably complain about the regular parcel from the online stores and also how these Clothes will be no use for you after one month. And that’s the reason why we have this article for you. If you have a bunch of old jeans in your home, here is the tip on how you can give that perfect distress to them. 

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What are Distressed Jeans?

Distressed Jeans Distressed jeans are denim jeans that are torn and gave that vintage vibe. Most of the  Distressed jeans have rips, tears, and frying edges that look cute chic on people.

Many jeans have a faded look which gives a more amazing feel to the person. I don’t exactly remember when fashion was started but it’s been quite a long time since this happened and they are still in the minds of the people. 

Most of the time, we have seen that fashion only exists for a certain period. It either gets updated into something else or is no longer used by the audience. However,  Distressed jeans are something that is from forever and I think that it will take more decades for people to unsee them. 

One of the reasons why people are into distressed jeans is because they don’t want to go into ribbed jeans. There is a huge difference among the people who love Distressed jeans in comparison to ribbed jeans. Many people love it because of how they are not too exposed and still look fashionable. 

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How to Distress Jeans in 7 Easy Steps!

Distressed Jeans

Now the real thing is how can we distress these old jeans and make them look amazing. The procedure is simple and it can be done by anyone. If this is your first time then don’t worry because beginners can also make this happen. Here are some of the easy steps that will help you to know about the procedure. 

1. Find out Jeans

I know that no one wants to try these DIY hacks on their newly brought jeans. Many people want to try this first on their old jeans. We all have many jeans that we used to wear in our high school or college days but they don’t look the same. For that, you need to find your jeans. 

Open your wardrobe and get your hands on these jeans. Who knows that this might bring your old school crush memory back to your mind. No matter which jeans you have, you can always choose any one of those jeans and get it rightly done. 

2. Mark the Spot

To distressed the jeans, you always need to find where you have to distress. Find the perfect place and it can be the knees or the thighs. Make the lines with chalk horizontally. Keep your lines visible. 

3. Put on your jeans

Take a flat surface on the flat platform and put your jeans on it. Make sure that your jeans are straightly put on the surface. For more accuracy, you can use cardboard so that you don’t cut your jeans too much. 

Sometimes, many people cut the jeans which ultimately leads to cutting the jeans on the other side, To prevent form that mishappening, you should always use cardboard. 

4. Mark the Cuts

Use scissors pr any sharp objects to cut your jeans. Start cutting jeans properly by Making your cuts carefully. 

5. Pull Threads 

Start distressing your jeans through the tweezers. Staring pull the threads carefully and make sure you do these things with the lighter hands. If you see any excess threads on your jeans, you can always trim them carefully. Don’t cut the threads that are on the jeans because that will cause a hole in your jeans which don’t look good.

6. Sandpaper will work

If you see tiny threads on your jeans then we recommend you to use Sandpaper, A sandpaper will act on your jeans in such a way that it will elevate all of your extra threads and will give a clean and tidy look.

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How to Wear Distressed Jeans?

Distressed Jeans

Now you have already distressed your jeans but how can you create an outfit. You can always experiment with your clothes. Wear an oversized t-shirt for normal day outings. We all are so much into casual outfits these days because why not? 

Also, you can paint your jeans with a hoodie if you live in a colder place. A shirt with a slim top inside will also make your outfit amazing.

What do you think? Do you have any outfit ideas? Share your perfect outfit with distressed jeans and help others to find out what they can try. Follow honknews and get all the recent updates about the world. 

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