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How to Build a Health Insurance App: 5 Easy Steps

According to the United States Census Bureau, ninety-two percent of people residing in the United States of America had medical insurance coverage of at least some sort during 2019. Or, in other words, just about everybody in America has health insurance coverage.

Referencing the National Center for Education Statistics, roughly eighty-two percent of all American households in the United States had internet access in 2016. That percentage, too, includes the vast majority of all United States citizens.

How to Build a Health Insurance App: 5 Easy Steps

Basically then, it’s fair to note that there is a huge potential market for people who may be interested in having access to a health insurance application. In fact, in recent years, there has been a major digital transformation in insurance.

Plainly put into words: there isn’t a better time than now for great health insurance apps and this read is going to explain in five easy steps, just how to go about developing your own app.

Steps to Build a Health Insurance App:

  1. Decide on the Type of Insurance App. to Create: There isn’t just one type of insurance application available, there are many. The list includes life, auto, property, travel, and health insurance applications.
  2. While some of the steps in this article will relate to all of the different types of insurance applications, the main focus here is going to be on the health insurance type of applications.
  3. Consider the Key Components the Application Will Feature: Before the actual development of the app., consider and decide upon the key features the health insurance application is going to include. Common features of most good health insurance apps. Incorporate are the ability to book appointments, peruse different policies available, a health symptom checker, an in-program doctor locater, prescription drug lookup, a payment portal for purchasing or renewing policies and paying copays, health record and related document access, and also support help tools. Ideally, your application will include all of the aforementioned features, but that’s not to mention that there may be other features you or your team may decide to add that could greatly enhance your insurance app. and give it a strong, competitive edge in this market.
  4. Become Familiar With the Healthcare Industry Regulations for the App’s Intended Locality: Before actually developing the app. itself, acquaint yourself with the various healthcare industry rules and regulations for the geographical area you plan to serve with your app., to assure full compliance. For example: in the United States of America, there exist various protections for ensuring patient privacy, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA for short, and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health, or HITECH, Act. Be certain to plan on designing and developing your health insurance app. to be able to conform to these regulations, ahead of time.
  5. Develop the Actual App.: Now comes the time to actually design and develop your own, unique health insurance app. An application is going to include pertinent things such as custom graphics, text, coding, as well as other possible components, like audible sounds, for example. You do have multiple options within this step to achieve an actual insurance app. at the end. If you’re already adept at something that’s necessary for your health insurance app. such as creating your own graphics and/or authoring content, or perhaps you are already acquainted with a computer programming language and can do your own coding, then you obviously can choose to handle these phases of the app. development process yourself. Or, if time happens to be a real issue, or even if it isn’t, and you just don’t happen to have the required skills or software tools to perform any of the development steps yourself, then you can choose to hire a company or freelancers to do it for you, instead.Also, there are even software applications that are already in existence that can take care of most, if not all, of the important steps of developing an app. for you, and in this case, your part will simply involve incorporating custom features by using and utilizing your creation app. of choice, until you are left with an acceptable and finished health insurance app. of your design.
  6. Test Your New Product: Okay, that’s great, you now have your very own health insurance app. created. That’s absolutely stellar! However, you’re not quite yet at a fully, finished, and polished health insurance application. It’s vital to test your app. before declaring it a finished product. Test your insurance app. for bugs and be sure to test for other issues too, like the ease of navigation or other usability issues.The important thing to keep in consideration here is to test, fix any identified issue, then test again, resolve any newly discovered issue, and then continue to test and resolve, until there are zero identifiable issues with your insurance app. Once you’ve reached this point, congratulations, you’ve now got a market-worthy product on your hands!

How to Build a Health Insurance App: 5 Easy Steps

Given the large percentage of United States households with both internet access and insured individuals, there is definitely no shortage of people who could both access and benefit from your health insurance application. With this in mind, hopefully, your health insurance app. includes all of the essential features of every health insurance app. ought to boast, in addition to some custom features beyond these, adheres and conforms to your localities’ health insurance mandates and regulations, and the app. itself is robust, easily navigatable by the user, with many useful and bug-free features, that has been tested to the point of being finalized and ready for the market.

How to Build a Health Insurance App: 5 Easy Steps


Nowadays, every major health insurance provider has its own insurance app. for its insured customer base. It’s gotten to the point that it’s no longer a luxury, but a necessity. That mentioned, there is still wiggle room for newer and more useful, or simpler to utilize and navigate health insurance apps. Hopefully, you’re one of those apps. creators and/or owners. If that’s the case, then you can expect to reap huge rewards for your effort. Good luck in your endeavor!



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