How Proxy Servers Can Benefit Businesses?

How Proxy Servers Can Benefit Businesses

If you have explored the possibilities of your online reach, you will certainly come across obstacles that limit you. Good thing is that you can overcome them with the use of proxy servers.

For average users, proxy servers can provide access to content not available in their own country. However, they haven’t realized yet what good it can do for modern businesses. We will be discussing more on proxy servers and the benefits they can provide to the businesses of today.

What are Proxies?

Let us define first what are proxy servers or ‘proxies’ for short. Proxies are servers designed to connect your private computer to an internet server in an indirect manner. As indicated by the namesake, proxies represent the private computers in the public.

Proxies and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are somehow similar, but VPNs have extra processes such as encryption while proxies simply act on behalf of their private networks. Proxies employ two-way communication, which means that both incoming and outgoing signals passed through them.

Why Are They Important Tools for Modern Businesses

Modern businesses now run their operations mostly through an online connection. From customer service to exchanging memorandums and strategies and up-to-money transactions, the internet becomes very valuable. With fast connection and easy access, a small business can now compete with large corporations within their localities.

However, when competition becomes stiff or when you have become profitable, the dangers of the internet become clearer gradually. Since money, ideas and connections are now being exchanged online, it is only logical to put some safeguards to protect all of them. Experts say that proxy servers are an excellent help in that manner but what can a business expect more from using proxies?

Five Benefits of Using Proxies

Improves Security

Let us start with the obvious: having proxies improves your internet security. Your private IP address will be utilized by the proxy server but instead of using that while being connected to the internet, the proxy server uses its IP address and thus, protecting your identity to a certain degree.

The Internet is a mixture of all things good and bad, and among the bad is hacking. If you are a larger company, there can be much information that will be compromised aside from bank accounts.

Having proxies decrease the chances of such breach to happen. Hackers have high chances of breaching the proxies but they will have challenging tasks ahead in accessing private networks due to the anonymity.

Accessing Geo-restricted Content

Regular users can watch movies in streaming services exclusively in other regions while using the internet in their region. Of course, a business use case of accessing geo-restricted content is even better. Web scraping is an automated data collection process that many modern companies are implementing in their daily operations.

Gathering public data can bring value, such as competitor analysis, price monitoring, review monitoring, brand protection, and much more. Many companies may change content on their websites depending on the location. Proxies help to solve this problem, and businesses can gather public data from all around the world.

For example, a Germany proxy server can access content restricted by various websites and apps in Germany. Learn more about Germany proxy on the Oxylabs’ website.

Traffic Balance

One of the things that can hurt your business operations is a crash. It can happen when there is just too much information demanded to be exchanged in such a period. One example of that is when an online store opens a window for putting orders for sought-after items and customers, numbering way beyond than expected, try to place their orders.

With such a small period and so many users accessing your connection, the traffic increases and later on will result in crashing your servers. To prevent that from happening, a proxy server will serve as a ‘gateway’. It will balance the number of users attempting to gain access through re-routing processes.

Control and Monitoring of Employee’s Internet Use During Work Hours

Once an employee knows he/she has access to the internet through the company’s connection, he/she will use it for professional means and personal matters. You cannot monitor your employees’ online behavior all the time.

They may open a shady website and put all computers connected locally at risk or they can be distracted in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. You can use proxies to control the amount of usage. Certain sites can be blocked and even a list of what has been accessed can be recorded. That is one way of encouraging employee productivity.

Faster Speeds

Contrary to popular belief that adding proxies can slow the accessing time, they instead can increase speed and even save bandwidth. Due to the design of a proxy server that functions as a representative and makes you anonymous to the public internet, incoming and outgoing traffic is being compressed. Other technicalities that a proxy server can do to increase the internet speed are caching of files and eliminating ads from websites.

Final Verdict

Using proxy servers can help modern businesses in many ways. They can improve digital security, provide safe access to geo-restricted information, balance incoming and outgoing traffic, control the amount of usage and increase access speed.

Not only you as a company can enjoy the benefits of integrating a proxy server into your system, the customers too can be satisfied with the way they access, explore and do transactions on your website.