How much will the family receive from the child tax credit by December 2021?


According to the US Rescue Plan, the loan was changed from irrevocable to fully repaid. The prices and distribution of loans have also changed. Current loans are $ 3,600 for children under 6 and $ 3,000 for children 6 to 17.

The IRS was also asked to transfer half of its loans between July and December from its $ 1 trillion business cycle account. Families will report the residual value on their tax returns next spring. In the US Rescue Plan, the loan was changed from non-refundable to full repayment. 


Loans and sales expenses also changed. Current loans are $ 3,600 for children under 6 and $ 3,000 for children 6 to 17. The IRS will also have to pay a trillion-dollar incentive bill to renew half of the loan by July And December. The family will report the residual value.

Families will receive the last payment for the year on December 15th. Families will be paid the same amount as in the last five months. However, if you didn’t receive your payment because you didn’t file your tax return in 2019 or 2020, you will see a much higher payout.

In December, these families will receive a lump sum of $ 1,800 for young children (under 6) and $ 1,500 for children ages 6 to 17.

Democrats stress the program’s ability to stimulate tax cuts on children and halve child poverty by the end of the year. But for credit to have this effect, it must reach poor families. Since most of the poorest households do not file tax returns, the government does not provide them with easy access. 

This means that these parents or guardians must file documents using the waiver tool introduced by the IRS. However, the original platform on which the instrument was supported had serious flaws, and the superseded version had several major problems limiting recording. The original website, developed by Intuit, had very few features and many users reported many issues. The IRS has never released data on the number of families who managed to enrol in the school.

In July, the IRS announced that it could pay 720,000 households because the parents are registered with the IRS as a government incentive. However, there is no publicly available information on how many households can be registered through the original website. In October, the People’s Politics Project announced that a new website developed by Code for America was launched on August 12, and by October 12, “24,485 people” had subscribed to it.

Researchers are most concerned that “two out of three people who try to register through the site do not register.” As of November 11, 100,828 applications were received. Given the families already in the possession of the IRS, we believe the agency has been able to make payments to approximately 15% of eligible parents. If the numbers are higher, now is a good time for the federal government to break the record.